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Parents grumble over teacher pay

School Choice

“Ranchi, Dec. 8: In keeping with the Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations, schools across the state are planning a salary hike for teachers from the next academic session. While the move has put a smile on the faces of the teachers, it has set the guardians grumbling.

For, a salary hike for teachers would automatically mean an increase in school fees and bus charges and not many parents are happy with the idea of paying more. Those with low income will be hit the hardest.

In a bid to work out modalities of the fee hike, several private schools have decided to organise a meeting to address the concerns of the parents. But, the schools pointed out that it would not be easy for them to implement the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission until parents were ready to pay 40 to 50 per cent more than what they were shelling out at present. However, according to a Supreme Court directive, the schools can enhance fees between 5 and 10 per cent.

Principal of Cambrian Public School G.P. Singh said it was not possible for small schools to hike the fees by about 40-50 per cent. “We can only increase it by 5 to 10 per cent, as the parents would not afford to pay the huge admission and bus fees,” said Singh. He added that they would hold a meeting with the school management committee over this matter.

Delhi Public School principal Mahesh Bareja said the management was going to decide on the fee structure very soon. “Probably, there will be a 40 per cent hike,” Bareja said.

In most schools, the tuition fees from KG to Class XII range between Rs 300 and Rs 500 per month, while the bus charge is Rs 285 to Rs 400.

S.B.P. Mehta, the principal of Oxford Public School, confirmed they were too planning to increase the bus fee to about Rs 500 to Rs 550.

“There are many public schools, where children from low income group families are studying. How will these parents pay the exorbitant amount?” asked Mahesh Singh, a marketing executive, whose children study in Crown Public School.

In the past, city schools had moved the high court against the orders of the Jharkhand Education Tribunal (JET) putting a check on a hike in school fees.

JET had asked the private schools not to increase tuition and bus fees beyond five to 10 per cent.”

The Telegraph, December 8


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