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‘Parent members irregular in school committee meetings’

School Management Committee

hile the School Management Committees in city government schools have been in place since the implementation of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, 2009 in Chandigarh last year, some school heads are now complaining of a lack of cooperation by parent members.
As per the provisions of the Right to Education Act, 75 per cent of the representatives of SMCs shall be from amongst parents or guardians of children.

The primary function of SMCs is monitoring the overall working of the school which includes preparation and recommendation of school development plans, monitoring utilisation of grants.

However, some of school heads state that the parent members, who have a major representation the committee, have not even attended the monthly meetings even once till date.

Vinod Sharma, President of Goverment Teachers Union (GTU), said, “A number of our principals, headmasters and headmistresses have been complaining for the past few months that parent members do not even attend the meetings. The parents say that they are unable to find time for the meetings but they refuse to withdraw their memberships.”

“We had even apprised the matter to the Education Secretary in September, during a meeting of school heads. However, the problem is consistent in almost all the schools located in the periphery,” added Sharma.

On the contrary, UT Education Secretary V K Singh stated, “SMCs are participatory bodies and they need to be independent of regulations. The whole purpose of roping in the parents in SMCs is to elevate their participation in the schools. Till date, I have not received any major complaints in this regard.”

“If we would interfere in the functioning of the SMCs, the whole purpose of the RTE would be defeated,” added Singh.

Indian Express, 14 November 2011


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