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TellyQuiz Expands Global Outreach With Interactive Learning Fun

Curriculum Development, ICT, Learning Achievements

PRINCETON, N.J., Jan 29, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) — An enthusiastic reception from students of all ages, parents and educators across the globe has propelled the online educational portal, TellyQuiz.com a product of VIHO LLC (New Jersey, USA based Software Development Company), into the forefront of web-based academia. Designed to supplement student learning and foster scholastic success, TellyQuiz.com has enjoyed rapid expansion in global outreach since its 2011 debut.

When school is out, students log in to TellyQuiz.com to brush up their academic skills and expand their knowledge through self-assessment activities and interactive fun. The TellyQuiz team of qualified educators and topical experts has developed top-quality quizzes geared to grade level curricula as well as dozens of tutorials targeting a gamut of academic topics.

Since its online launch last year, TellyQuiz has received international approbation with an infusion of student participants that continues to surpass the company’s expectations. The TellyQuiz breakthrough educational technology has been the topic of discussions in online forums worldwide and the subject of ongoing interest from larger educational institutions and investors.

TellyQuiz provides interactive learning experiences that keep kids focused on improving their classroom skills and expanding their knowledge in a fun atmosphere of competitive comradery. TellyQuiz welcomes a wide range of students to a free, easy to navigate environment optimized for learning fun. Once they log on, visitors in all grade levels discover new depths of knowledge and new friends that bring them back time and again.

To date, TellyQuiz.com offers over 300 online quizzes spanning all academic subject areas that are tailored for their appropriate grade levels. With dozens of academic categories, plus special sections for students preparing for the GRE, SAT, and GMAT exams, there really is something for every visitor at TellyQuiz.com.

When students sign in to TellyQuiz.com, they can choose from Quiz Room, Play Quiz with Friends, Jokes, Quotes and Inspiration, Facts, Tutorials, Learning Center and Maths Worksheet. No matter the category they click on, they will be greeted with an impressive but easy to navigate menu of topics. They select what they would like to work on during their visit, and they are free to explore materials from other grade levels. No one is limited to working within a pre-determined curriculum.

Part of the fun of the TellyQuiz experience is that each student can select items of interest and learn about them as extensively as they choose, then test themselves on their newly gained expertise. Whether visitors’ current interests run to computer programming or creative writing, they can expand and test their knowledge on TellyQuiz.

Scholastic Skill and Character Building for Children Worldwide

Unique among online education applications, TellyQuiz is the creation of Gauthaman Thangaraju, a software developer originally from India whose recognition of gaps in the Indian private educational system inspired him to explore new avenues for bridging them. By giving kids powerful tools to supplement their school experiences, he hopes to improve the academic achievements of children everywhere.

Thangaraju’s additional recognition that schools do not always adequately address children’s ethical training is another key component of his TellyQuiz philosophy. His belief that the purpose of educating children is not only to impart knowledge but to nurture those values essential to ethical living is evident throughout the TellyQuiz site in the form of inspiration, humor, and quotations from international leaders in many disciplines.

Armed with a concept and a self-imposed mandate to bring better scholastic and character-building activities to school children across the globe, Thangaraju enlisted the services of a staff of rural educators in Dindugal, Tamil Nadu, India. They formulated a series of questions geared toward grade two through grade 12 curricula that became the original quizzes for the TellyQuiz educational website. These teachers established the groundwork for what has become a leading educational portal in India, the U.S., and internationally.

With an intuitive, artful blend of academic and character building features such as inspirational excerpts, videos, and jokes, today’s TellyQuiz.com is a kid-friendly venue where the pursuit of knowledge leads to fun interaction, friendly quiz competitions, and most importantly, academic excellence. The success of this educational web portal can be measured in terms of the rapid growth of the thriving TellyQuiz.com community.

What began as a labor of love for Gauthaman Thangaraju has gained momentum with school children, their teachers and their parents on an international scale, with more subscribers each day attesting to the popularity of TellyQuiz.com. With rapid growth come plans for continued expansion as well as opportunities for superior returns on investor capital.

Well-researched and age-appropriate TellyQuiz content provides kids with fun ways to bolster their knowledge and character while fine-tuning their test taking strategies. The welcoming, non-threatening TellyQuiz.com environment encourages students to progress at their own pace while learning what it takes to be successful in their school careers as well in as their future professional lives.

The Wall Street Journal, 29 January 2012


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