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Corruption in the Public Schools The Market Is the Answer


Author: McCluskey, Neil

One of the most frequently voiced objections to school choice is that the free market lacks the “accountability” that governs public education. Public schools are constantly monitored by district administrators, state officials, federal officials, school board members, and throngs of other people tasked with making sure that the schools follow all the rules and regulations governing them. That level of bureaucratic oversight does not exist in the free market, and critics fear choice-based education will be plagued by corruption, poor-quality schools, and failure…In contrast to our moribund public system, school choice isn’t encumbered by compliancedriven rules and regulations, which allows institutions to tailor their products to the needs of the children they teach and lets parents select the schools best suited to their child’s needs. Click here to read more

Cato Institute Policy Analysis, 20 April 2005


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