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Last hope for general category students

Reservation of seats

CHANDIGARH: Vacancy of 427 seats under RTE in some of the top city private schools has raised hope among parents of general category students. Chances are these seats will be converted into general category in next three to four days.

UT education department had reinvited interested parents, eligible under RTE to apply in the nearest out of 38 private schools with vacant seats. Tuesday was the last day to apply. Now the education department is yet to take the data from the schools based on which they will decide further. UT district education officer Ram Kumar Sharma said, ”We had re-invited applications for the RTE seats as 427 seats in 38 schools were left vacant. We will get the data from the schools and see the response.”
Shobha Rai, mother of a kindergarten applicant said, ”I have admitted my son in some other school as he couldna??t make it in two schools that we had prioritized. But since there are many seats still vacant in top schools, I see a ray of hope.”

Gurdev Singh, father of another nursery applicant said, ”My daughter is in a play school but since there are seats vacant, I think there are still chances.”

The Times of India, 28 March 2012


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