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Bihar education minister not in favour of community college

Community Schools

PATNA: Bihar education minister P K Shahi has said that copying US experiment of community colleges in India was not practical. “It is not possible to open community colleges in India or make that provision in existing colleges which had been experimented in America,” he said.

Shahi was one of the five state education ministers who had been sent to USA by the Central government last fortnight to study the concept of community college and explore possibility of opening such colleges in India. The delegation headed by education minister of Madhya Pradesh included ministers from Bihar, Punjab, Assam and Jammu &Kashmir.

“The concept is very good. But where is the money to open such institutions,” said Shahi. It will not be possible even for the developed states to spend huge money on community college. The community colleges require very high quality of education and for that highly educated faculty is needed. The fee would also be quite high and beyond the reach of students coming from middle class society.

The education ministers visited Montgomery, Richmond Virginia, Washington and other places and attended a meeting of the American Community College at Auckland during their fortnight long visit.

Shahi said he would send his report to the central government about his experience. “My suggestion is that we should strengthen and make better and viable our IITs and polytechnic colleges and stress on skill development, infrastructure growth and better faculty. This way we can to some extent achieve the concept of community college,” said Shahi.

the Times of India, 28 April 2012


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