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The relative importance of social and cultural capital for educational performance: Eastern versus Western Europe


Author: Prokic-Breuer, Tijana
Abstract: The sociology of education has a long-standing tradition of researching the causes of educational inequality. As the massive body of literature suggests, it is above all ability – the differences in intelligence and personality – that explains variations in performance (Dronkers, 2010). Family background comes in second when examining factors that influence educational performance. A child’s family background consists of a variety of aspects, including parents’ educational level and the family’s cultural endowments (Dronkers, 2010). All of the aspects portray the total environment that the child comes from, which includes financial, occupational,
social and cultural endowments. Click here to read more.

Discussion Paper, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), Research Professorship Demographic Development, Social Change, and Social Capital, No. SP I 2011-403, 2011


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