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Professor arrested for blogging against Manipal university

Courts and PILs

New Education Review

21 May 2013


An Indian university lecturer, S Manikandan has been arrested in Dubai for blogging in India against a private university based in Dubai.

The lecturer, who taught in Dubai campus of Manipal University and finished his term at the private university a year ago, had his contract terminated without reason. Dubai courts acted in his favour and he received his end-of-service- benefits, said police.

However, after returning to India he wrote on his blog about what happened to him at the Dubai-based institution.

The police said that a university employee filed a case against the lecturer accusing him of defamation due to publishing his story on his blog.

S Manikandan, in his email sent to India Education Review said, “The Dubai Court ordered last year to return my passport immediately when Manipal Director was holding it and threatened me to cancel my sponsorship after terminating the services without giving any valid reason. I got the compensation amount through my law firm only two months before after Dubai Appeal Court order was executed.”

“I took further action against them back in India by filing Human Rights Violation case and reported it in the online media (my personal blog). A Writ petition is pending against Manipal in Karnataka High Court from July 2012. So they are now trying to threaten me again to withdraw that case as the Ministry of HRD, Government of India filed an affidavit in the court stating Manipal Dubai Campus has no approval,” he added.

The professor further added that though it is my personal case, but now turned into a public case as thousands of students life is endangered by the fake degrees offered by the University these many years here in Dubai.


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