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Goa slides 6 places in education development index

Primary Education

Times of India

June 16,2013

PANAJI: Goa’s education sector put up a poor show in the Union human resource development (HRD) ministry’s education development index (EDI), where the state saw a drastic fall from last year’s 13th position to a heartbreaking 21st spot.

Goa had slid from 9th to 13th position already last year, with the problem areas of access to upper primary education and performance of students remaining the state’s main challenges this year too.

The ranks are drawn by the HRD based on data gathered under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan on parameters of access to education, infrastructure, teachers’ qualification and training available to them and performance of students from Classes I to VIII.

The state was among the worst performers on the access front where sufficient high schools were not available to several habitations. The data indicates that there was only one school available for every 10 kilometres on an average in Goa at the upper primary level, ie Classes VI to VIII.

The performance of students was also one of the least noteworthy in the country. Though Goa’s enrollment ratio has seen improvement, its retention rate at the primary level was meager with only 70% being able to complete elementary education.

While the state performed moderately on the infrastructure parameter, the qualification of teachers and in-service training made available to them was the savior for Goa on the EDI.

The state’s performance in the HRD survey has put it in the company of perceivably development-challenged states like Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Mizoram.

Goa has been able to integrate only a disappointing 0.84% children with special needs in its regular schools.

Only 25% of Goa’s enrollment showed faith in government-owned schools with majority of students opting for privately-managed, government-aided schools. Ten percent chose entirely privately-managed schools.

For up to 19 days during an academic year, Goa used over 21% of its teachers for non-teaching assignments like census and other work.


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