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CCE is aimed at changing teaching: CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, Private schools, Reservation of seats

Times of India



Be it  Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), or the newly introduced Open Text Based Assessment, the Central government’s aim is to improve the education system, says  CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi. During his visit to the city, he spoke with Isha Jain on the reforms taken by CBSE, and the challenges with CCE.

Despite being mandatory, many CBSE schools are not adhering to 25% quota for weaker section?

Yes, many schools, especially the elite ones, are not following this. We are now planning to go for a mechanism to check who is following it and who isn’t. Since authority to take action is out of our control, we will seek the feedback of schools not following it and then encourage them to do that.

It’s said CBSE is experimenting too much with the students. Your take.

It’s a perception. Since we launched CCE in 2009, the basic scheme hasn’t changed much. Only weightage of summative assessments have been changed. Over years, we have clarified a lot on CCE.

Any plans to introduce CCE in class 12?

The scheme is finalized but we first want to consolidate it at class 10 level.

Students with CCE in class 10 say they will feel the pressure when they appear for class 12 board exams. Is it right?

The message of CCE has completely gone wrong with the people. CCE is aimed at changing teaching methodology to match it with the changing times. Till class 10, it is generalised studies, at plus 2 level, it is specialisation. So, slight pressure is there but class 12 students are mature. The problem is with the teachers who are still continuing with the traditional way of teaching. We carried a random survey to assess the impact of CCE on class 11 students. We found them doing exceedingly well. CCE helps in generating self-study habits in students while teachers play the role of facilitators.


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