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Apeejay Stya University to train 1,000 teachers; launches Svran Open Design Foundation

Teacher education and training

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Apeejay Stya University will provide training to as many as 1,000 teachers in product designing skills, a major area of interest for corporate.

“The next decade clearly belongs to design. We strongly believe that anything can be designed, and therefore everyone is a designer. SODF, with the help of our partner organisations and communities aims to have large scale immediate impact on the ground. SODF is a non-profit initiative of ASU that seeks to revolutionise India through Design Think.” Apeejay Stya University Pro-Chancellor Aditya Berlia said in a statement.

SODF plans to provide 10,000 students with a Design Tools Pack that has basic design tools and tutorials to get them access to industry standard materials. Training 1,000 school teachers in basic design principles indirectly impacts about 2,00,000 students. The foundation has also appealed to Indian organisations to join its cause, so as to greatly amplify its impact.

The university will use its Noida and Greater Noida campuses to run the foundation. The launch of the foundation was announced during the CII Design Summit 2013.

“Foundation will promote the knowledge of design think and innovation at a mass scale aiming to impact one million students,” he added.

He further informed that 100 schools across 17 states and leading organisations across different industries with almost 50,000 employees have already become members of this revolutionary initiative even before the formal launch. The first initiative, the Open Design Live DVD Vol. 1— a compilation of industry standard tools and tutorials that can run without complicated installation— is expected to be freely available by January 30, 2014, and the physical distribution will begin by February 2014 to schools across the country.

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