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British council imparts English training to Mumbai teachers

Teacher education and training

Times of India


MUMBAI: Mumbai’s municipal corporation has tied up with the British council to train its teachers on how to impart lessons in English.

Municipal commissioner Sitaram Kunte in his budget speech on Wednesday said , ”An MOU has been signed with British council for training 9,600 MCGM teachers during next five years starting from 2013-14 to 2017-18. Under this programme every teacher is given 20 days training per year for two years. Currently training of 2,400 teaches has started.”

The BMC introduced semi-English pattern of instructions in its schools during the current year.

”To begin with it has been introduced in 177 schools during 2013-14. The results are encouraging. The enrollment in many of these schools showed upward trend. The Semi English pattern of instructions is proposed to be rolled out in all the 1,150 schools in phased manner every year during next five years,” said Kunte.

Under this pattern Mathematics and Science are taught in English language and the rest of the subject are taught in the mother tongue.

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