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Committee to determine fee as per info given on school websites

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The Times of India

JAIPUR: The fee committee constituted by theSupreme Court will determine the fees of private schools on the basis of what they had mentioned on their websites. The move came after the committee’s repeated reminders to schools seeking information failed to evoke any response.

“The errant schools have left us with no choice but to collect information from their websites and propose fees to them after a one-month notice seeking objections,” said Justice Shiv Kumar Sharma, heading the fee committee. The committee said that they will take only tuition fees into account while charges under other categories will be ignored for determining the fees.

The fee committee constituted under the Rajasthan Fee Act was assigned the task of determining fees of private schools on the basis of expenses they are incurring on education. The state has over 37,000 private schools and almost 2/3 of them are yet to send the required information to the committee. Almost all schools have posted fee structure on their websites.

The fee committee has determined the fees of 400 schools so far and served notices to all of them in this regard. Sharma also cautioned private schools against hiking the fees other than what is prescribed.

The committee found most of the schools making profits more what was permitted. It is the sole reason why majority of them are hesitant to send information. Without disclosing the name, sources said that some schools in the city are making profits to the tune of five crores per year.

The committee has said that fees should not be charged under different categories like development, capitation, sports, ECE etc. It should only be tuition fee. The committee said that errant schools have to return fees charged other than tuition fees.

He said that schools which were served notices for hiking fees will face punitive action as per Rajasthan Schools Fee Act.

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