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Dikshit tells private schools not to hike fee

School Fee

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday told private schools in capital not to hike fee without approval of the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) as directed by the state education department.

Making it clear that government would not reverse its position on the issue, she told a delegation of the private schools that it may consider revising the guideline for the academic session 2011-12, sources said.

Education minister Arvinder Singh Lovely, who was also present at the meeting, said schools have been asked to follow the circular issued by his department on April one in which it was stated that no private school will be allowed to hike fees without the approval of the PTAs. “If they do not follow the order then appropriate action will follow,” he said.

In the meeting, principals of several private schools requested Dikshit to allow them to hike the fee arguing that they were facing financial constraints following implementation of recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission for the teachers.

Some private schools have already effected 15%-20% hike in fee and asked parents to pay the increased amount.

The Times of India, 28 April 2010


2 Responses to “Dikshit tells private schools not to hike fee”

  1. Rajinder Katoch
    4 May 2010 at 22:20

    Despite a clear NO to private schools managements, every school has increased new semester fee by 10-20%. The management of Green Fields School, S.J. Enclave, N. Delhi first increased the fee by 10% and then reduced it to 8% to win the heart of some parents who actually are undisturbed due to increase in fee either because of no time or due to high income.

    It is very surprising that Directorate of Education, Delhi Education Minister, Delhi Chief Minister and above all Hon’ble Delhi High Court have warned school against fee increase, but none listened to them. What is this mean that there is silent hidden supply of politicians who on one hand give statements against new semester fee hike for newspaper headlines and on the other hand did not do anything to keep a check by punishing schools who have started considering them above law, above the reach of others.

    Also, the Education Officer Zone 19 has written to the management of Green Fields School to pay arrear from school reserve which means the school managmenet should refund the arrears amount to the parents. The school management is silent on this. I have guided parents to pay last year fee on monthly basis and in future if our arrears are not returned by school, we will deduct it from the school fee.

    It is very surprising that Mr. Ashok Agarwal has won the late fee i.e. 5 paise per day case but why every school is not sent notice from his side to expedite on this matter. Parents are not fool and they have started understanding the superficial actions taken generally for newspaper headlines. There is a need for someone highly dedicated in this field. There is one Mr. Gambhir who is heading AIPA. May I know why he calls parents of other schools. He has no parents backing and parents are with those who are really working on ground with them.


    Rajinder Katoch

  2. Vijay Awasthi
    18 May 2011 at 06:19

    The Hike of Fees will kill the education of the children who comes from Poors and Lower Middle class families

    Now comes on the point of reasons for not hike in Fees .

    1. Any of Pvt. school not paying full salaries to any staff (neither techers nor others) as they showing on their records.
    2. They are paying their salaryies through crossed cheques but they always taking back from the employees 2/3 part of salary in cash. I mean if a school pay Rs.30000/- as salary to any teacher then the teacher will be refund Rs.20000/- in cash to the principal/management and this amount is No.2 income of the management.
    3. The whole schools are not showing maximum staff on role, and staff is getting less than minimum wages to the teachers and other staff because as per records they are daily wages (Showing exp.) on adhoc basis appointments and whole salaries are going in to pocket of the management.
    4. Further the Govmt. giving the fees for poor children which is 25% of whole children but whre is poor children in the school ? The children’s of staff members are the real poor children and if you will find other names of poors are totally false names of the children.
    5. Further Govmt. giving many add etc. but whr is utilization of that fund in papers only however the whole fund goes to the pockets of the management.
    6. Further there is no Income tax due to Section 80 G the whole income goes in to black money of the management.
    7. I have 1000s Source of Income of Pvt. Schools and harssment of fundamental rights of employees are working in the schools, these schools are not interested to increase of education however these are industries without much investments. If You invest one time in this industry you along wiith your next 7 and more generation will have to enjoy your life without any work.
    8. The whole Shools are run by the politicians or otherwise his relatives hence the whole profits which is black money have been shared between bottam to end.
    9. I am not talking these facts in air however I have proved these fact in the case of Mrs.Vijay Tiwari Vs. Brahmpuri Public school case in Labour court.
    10. If the reader are agreeable with my views then comment and follow it so that , if Govt. will have any shame then further hike of fees will be stoped. further if we will success then we can save the harassment of fundament rights of employees who are qualified teachers or employees getting salaries less than minimum wages desided by the Govmt..
    11. As per my view the current fee which are taking from us is already very much hence it shuld be decriesed not incriesed. And if Gov. doing this then I can say only now it is time of courreption only . Here the person can enjoy who is currept or having powers. SABALAHI NAHI KACHHU DOSH GOSAYIN.

    Vijay Awasthi
    Indirapuram Ghaziabad

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