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Tamil Nadu government regulates fee structure for private schools

School Fee

The Tamil  Nadu government recently passed a circular and ordered a new fee structure for the private as well as unaided schools a fee slab of Rs 3,500 to 11000 .

The school fees which are regulated in Tamil Nadu at present is Rs 11000 for Higher secondary school, Rs 9,000 for High School, Rs 8,000 for Middle School and Rs 5,000 for Elementary School. The committee has also proposed a 10% additional expenditure charge for future development in schools and this will be meant for all Private, unaided as well as Anglo – Indian Schools under the regulation of state board.

Some school heads are saying that this rule is not fit for them to be able to maintain the school structure but above all, the people or committee who has enough money in background only should open the school.

But at present it is a fact that education is now becoming a business and there are huge amounts of monetary transactions. If the government decides on the new rule then such schools in TN as well as all over India, will not be affected because they are taking enough money and there is no evidence of it as no receipt is given under such conditions.

The donations amount varies from Rs. 5, 000 to 75,000 in private schools. The parents are worried about their children’s’ future and if they want better education for their children then then they have only one option and that is to shut their mouth and spend money according to the school’s demands. So these all are the big drawbacks in India. The government or education minister must raid schools to clear all these matters because huge amounts of money in the name of fees and donations are being snatched from the parents.

It is totally wrong on the part of some private schools who are saying that this regulation will effect the salary of teachers. But these very schools are taking high fees and yet they pay very low salary and the teachers are just temporary. If the teachers demand higher salary, then he or she is out and other new, low paid teachers are appointed. So these big drawbacks must be cleared by taking stern action.

The State government has fixed fees for 10,934 private self-financing schools across Tamil Nadu. At present the fee structure for 10,233 schools was fixed on the basis of income and expenditure of the schools and The 10,951 private schools in the State would be informed of the fee structure and that will stand for three years.

Already there are many complaints of high fees charged by the schools and the government has taken appropriate action. It is also a known fact that this rule may remain on circular only and the procedure will go on same as before because when it comes to corruption, Tamil Nadu in still stands in second place in India and India stands 5th in world according to the International Transparency Report.

Merinews, 8 May 2010


19 Responses to “Tamil Nadu government regulates fee structure for private schools”

  1. KUDOS TO TN GOVERNMENT FOR THIS REMARKABLE STEP TAKEN…..Let other state govts take the example from them and implement the same.

  2. The article doesnot make sense, because if there is a low paid teacher or a temporary teacher, how will the standard of the school be so good, that a parent wants to pay extra money to get their kids in a private school than a free public school????? Who ever wrote this article doesnot have an indepth idea of School economics. I have researched this entire issue from both ends and it is just like anything else. You get what you pay for!!!! This is done for a mere political gain rather than a good dead for anybody. If so why not we just remove privatization of all business and go to communism.

  3. I agree with Senthil. I find it a pity that we are happy to pay 1000s for a beauty
    treatment or to eat dinner in a restaurant – our kids future does not seem to be that
    important! If parents do not like to pay fees, they can always opt for the free
    government schools. Or a lower fee school. Parents cannot have their cake and eat it too….

  4. But schools not collecting the GOVT. fees…. Parents only suffering here b/w
    school managements and govt.

  5. Every reponsible person will agree with Senthil. This includes me also. There is money in the society and people were not grumbling to pay for a good education. Then where is the need to interfere and confuse the issue. The people who are in control do not realise that his hasty step would affect the standards of education and result in a very poor turn out of students of knowledge. In stead of this, the people would have benefitted if a regulation is made whcih would bring down the quantum of corruption. I say quantum because we cannot stop corruption completely.

    Now some parents would be happy because they can spend the money they saved on visiting the bars.

  6. I think Kiv is the owner of the school and not parent.
    You need to think from a parent view. I have seen the financials of schools they are earning 40 % income and it’s a very lucrtive industry.
    Why do u think that so many colleges and schools are coming up everyday, is it for social service… NO for money.
    We don’t say don’t earn but earn properly and not at gun point.


  7. The People who opposes for the Govts Regulations on the Private Schools Fees Regulation
    might be owners of schools, Not only the parents Every one who are concern about the
    society welfare welcomes the Govt.Act. Education is Not business, it so clear that why
    everyday couple of metric schools and Engg. colleges been started, the answer is quite simple,

    The Money Making business people well knew that “Parents are ready to pay to ensure there”
    child’s future”, The education business people well aware about the technique to grab the Parents attention

    Every Should be clear that “Education is Fundamental Right of a Child”, And some parents
    really needs to their children in a costly school just as an Prestige matter.

    Ofcorse Nothing wrong in Govt to take all Schools and Colleges if the Educational BUsiness man’s
    Dont change themself in money Making

  8. All those who support Govt Regulation! I am neither an owner of a school nor a parents. However, the regulation put forth by the tamil nadu govt is simply wrong. Private enterprises are there to make money, period. Only then will be they able to make a profit and improve the standard of their schools. Yes, education is a business and it should be treated as one.

    Honestly, if you were a parent, will you send your children to Tamil Medium Govt High school. All those parents who want their children to get a good job and go to America, UK, Australia know real well that governmnet schools are the worst because they are underfunded and no facilities. Govt has the view of providing education as a social service. Look what happened to our govt schools. They are in total disaary, useless, and simply destroying the future of the kids who study there. That is why private schools prop up in the country to provide a service to those parents who need high quality education and that is why parents are required to pay the fees. If they don’t want to, then there are govt tamil medium schools that will gladly taken their wards and provide them with decent education. Are the parents willing to?

    Expecting to get the best quality education, yet paying next to nothing only destroys the education industry and the future of the children.

    In short, this decision by the Tamil Nadu govt to regulate school fees is simply wrong. It’s going to have consequences for several generations.

    Those that argue about high school fees need to fight the management for better value for their money, not reducing fees. For each ruppee paid by parents, demand better educational facilities for the students.


  9. The schools collect huge fees and donation at the beginning but the quality of the education is not very good we still have to go and pay for private classes to ensure good marks in board exams in 10th and 12th. I feel the schools have no right to collect such huge sums. There must be a limit . Those who are supporting must be having plenty of money in black and must be yearning to spend it somehow but people who are employed like us and who want to ensure good education will support the Govt. stance. WAY TO GO. TN GOVT. Rest of the govt.s should also follow this. Hats off TN Govt.

  10. AS per regulation commitee the system doesnt works and it totally failure





  12. can you please kindly provide a copy of the circular as i am unable to secure the same. Thank you.

  13. Well, we all appreciate and thank Govt. of tamil Nadu for being an example
    to curb the atrocities on fee structure in Private Schools.

    Despite the Supreme court order, Schools are collecting fees higher than
    fixed for them.

    People have made money somehow, Now enough black money is available, but illteracy
    is very high at the other end. Eventually rich realised that money without attaching
    the education can never lead respectable life and therefore they can afford to
    buy education.

    In any society, when Education and Medicine is made business, the society can
    never grow with humanity.

    If we notice carefully, any point of time, only rich countires and rich people are
    problematic to the society.

    In order to achieve 100 % results in 10th and 12th standards, these private
    schools follow very ugly stratgies with 8th and 9th standard students. They put
    hell a lot troubles to the parents. They do not allow students to sit for 10th and
    12th standard exams. This is very strongly noticed in coimbatore city and coimbatore

    One must realise that any school with 100 % results from 8th Standand till 12th
    standard are the best to study and grow with.

    Unfortunately, even literates fall into these traps not understanding what education

    The focus of these private schools are not with weak and average students, their
    target is only with strong students.

    The students with strong aptitue do not require any support, they can even score
    very high, when they study in govt.schools too.

    Only with this catagory of students, all these private schools are enjoying business,
    by making a propoganda that they are best.

    We thank that govt has stepped in. It must make much more stringent and hard regulations
    to curb all the atrocities happending in private schools.

    Unless a monitoring body is appointed, all efforts of the govt. would go in
    vain. Govt must ensure that this is perfectly implemented.

    Let us grow consciouss nation.


  14. ganesh kumar
    24 May 2011 at 06:30

    now a days education has become a business.Many private schools collect huge fees from parents. To escape from the government the school management order parents to sign in the paper which says “we ourselves voluntarily give such huge fees”. it is popular among many schools especially in krishnagiri district uthangarai.The school nearly collects nearly 50,000 per year for higher education.

  15. Sir I want to clear some points about the status of govt run schools. Govt schools are not inferior in quatity as most of few of u felt. The teachers of the govt schools are recuruited only on merit basis and skilled professionals. Govt provides free education , quality food , note books , and friendly intellectual teachers even conveyance facilities for the children to reach the school fom the rural native. The charges for the one year is less than one day earning of a parent.

    Govt schools feed the first generation learners and children having neither a father or mother and to it make worst both in some cases. Govt provides all the possile efforts to lift these sectors who are also essential component of the society to achieve the expected national growth.

    I want to note one valid point that is any private school ready to advertise that will admit the students of low mark scores in their previous exam? Gates of govt schools are kept open with warm welcome for everychild to have a quality and a happy learining.

    Now a days many govt schools are overtaking the private schools without a penny is spent.
    Govt schools are the places where every one in the socety can mingle and know the cultural practices of different societies and communities. These are the schools for both rich and the poor not for only riches. Govt makes every posisble step to provide high quality and comfortable education for every indian without monetary expectations . It is not posted with intention to hurt anybody. Send your chidren to govt schools and put sweated money in the deposit. Jai hind with best wishes

  16. quatity can ge replaced by quality

  17. The fees structure introduced by Tamil nadu goverment was only to gain the vote bank amoung the public.Goverment has no intention to reduce the burden of the public. If they really feel to reduce the burden let them reduce the escalating price of vegitabales, grocerries and petrol.

  18. I agree with Varun. Its a good and bold step forward by the Govt. to ensure equal
    education which will bring about a healthy society. How much longer do you all want to
    leave the economically backward out? What is quality education anyway? Is it in the
    equipments or in the way we help our kids to learn, bringing values, helping them to
    reason, have an opinion, teaching them to think and create new ideas. What is the secret
    of this? Is in in the facility, in the money we spend or in the way the teachers teach?
    You can find the best teachers in the most rural places, dedicatd and determined of what
    they do people who try to do the best with what they have and teaching the kids real
    things and the fundamentals of learning. These kids can excel as much as you who can
    pay lakhs of Rupees for your kids education – but do you consider the kids from such
    places as equals? Do they not deserve the same? Thats what the Govt. is trying to do.
    To include the excluded and make chances for them better. Sure all has its positive and
    negative issues and on any side corruption has to be tackled riguroulsy and concerns have to be considered and weighed to ensure that its purpose is fulfilled.

  19. Its been valuable for me to read all these comments as Ive gotten a bit trapped in all this. I want to help a youngster from Tamil nadu to get a decent education and hopefully an ok future. She’s been accepted to a college that is asking 75000 rupees. This is what her parents say. I don’t trust them completely so I wanted to pay directly to the school, from Europe, where I live. When phoning them they refuse to inform me about the fee over phone and say they only accept cash payments. What should I do? I am not Indian and certainly not used to dealing w corruption. I am very grateful for any advice on this matter. Anneli

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