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Quality Education Study 2011


Educational Initiatives and Wipro


Quality Education Study (QES) aims to find answers to what constitutes ―Quality education‖. This study has been conceptualized and managed jointly by the Wipro and Educational Initiatives (EI) and the execution was carried out by EI. This was planned as a multi-year study to expand the meaning of ‘quality’ in education to include educational outcomes beyond student performance in subjects and study the attributes of quality learning environments. Although myriad views exist on what constitutes Quality education, majority of them relate it to be a reflection of the scholastic, co-scholastic and affective (specifically values and attitude) outcomes. Quality education is often closely linked with what experts refer to as, first, quality learning environments and second, holistic development of students (UNESCO, 2002). This report covers the findings of year 1 – based on the large scale study of the scholastic, co-scholastic and affective outcomes and the different aspects of the learning environments found in India‘s ‘top’ schools (identified through a survey of popular and expert opinion).

Read the paper here.


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