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Over 16k RTE seats vacant

Implementation, Reservation of seats, Right to Education

BANGALORE: There are no takers as yet for over 16,000 seats reserved for the underprivileged in city schools.

For instance, for 16,656 seats available in schools falling under the 25% quota in Bangalore South, only 2,384 applications have been filed. Similarly, for over 4,000 seats available in schools in Bangalore North, only 1,868 valid applications have been received by the BEOs.

According to RTE rules notified by the Karnataka government on April 28, 2012, children falling under the 25% quota cannot be denied admission irrespective of admission period. Section 10 of the rulebook states that a child can be admitted in a school after the extended period of admission, which is set as three months. The rulebook clarifies that if a child is admitted late, he shall be eligible to complete studies with the help of special training.

The education officers, responsible for implementing the act, appear clueless. “We are aware that a lot of seats will remain free, but we have no further guidelines from the government. May 25 was set as the last date for the submission of applications under the 25% quota, which implies that application forms won’t be issued after that,” said an education officer.

The state had set June 10 as the last date for schools to fill up the 25% seats, which has been extended to June 18.

The Times of India, 18 June 2012


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