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Won’t enroll students under RTE Act: Schools

Right to Education

COIMBATORE: Many schools are reportedly turning away students who seek admission under the right to education (RTE) Act, while other schools take shelter under the reason that parents have not approached them for free seats this year.
Lack of clarity in implementing the RTE Act, with no proper guidelines or instructions to education officials, has put everyone in a difficult situation.

“We have received many calls from parents who did not get a seat under RTE in leading schools. The schools, citing one reason or the other, have denied admission to the children,” said Mr R. Manimohan, chairman of the coordinating committee of students’ welfare association of parents (SWAP), here on Monday.
He added that parents were recommended to put their wards in government schools as they would not fall under the RTE.
But even education department officials seemed hesitant when such issues were taken to them. The schools have been asked to give 25 per cent of seats, but none knows whether it should be monitored by the department or not, explained an education department source.

“Many approach the education department officials with complaints, but how can they take action when they do not have any instruction or order to do so?” the source asked.

The schools claimed to have their own worries: when they admit a child, when and how much would be the reimbursement from the government at a time when the fee structure was governed by the fee determination committee?
“Suppose the government delayed the payment to schools, what would happen to the children who joined under the RTE? Should they be dropped from the school for non-payment of fees?” asked a school principal, speaking to DC here.

Deccan Chronicle, 19 June 2012


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