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Varsities should adopt schools, give primary education a boost


The Indian Express
Feb 10, 2013

It is high time universities took interest in primary education, said Dr Ved Prakash, Chairman, University Grants Commission. Prakash addressing the 106th convocation of the University of Pune.

Prakash said, “Kids need a strong base in primary education. Only then is it possible to increase quality of education as a whole. For this, Universities and higher education bodies should adopt primary schools to improve education in the country.”

Pointing out that UGC had done everything possible to resolve the NET/SET issue, Prakash said that the state government has to now decide from what year the protesting college teachers should get exemption from NET/SET.

He also stressed the importance of inclusive education. “A proper inclusive education system is the only way for the country to progress. The biggest challenge is to cater to needs of higher education for the growing population. There are 980 universities and 47,000 colleges. Students are increasing and we need to have quality education for them,” said Prakash.

Prakash also asked for special efforts from the education authorities in providing education to girls. “In the upcoming UGC plans, vocational education, quality education and research will be given more focus. We will also give special importance to faculty development courses,” he said.

Prakash awarded 78 gold medals to 54 students while Dr W N Gade presented last year’s education report. Expressing concern over non-inclusion of UoP in the list of top universities in the world, Ved Prakash stated that the university should make special efforts to improve its quality of education.

“Instead of saying what the university has got, it should contemplate on what the university actually deserves,” said Prakash.


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