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A new doorway to education


The New Indian Express
March 7, 2013

‘Dwara’, a cloud-based education enabled development product by Cisco, which can provide two-way communication between teachers and students was unveiled on Wednesday. The teachers can conduct classes in several places at once and the students can use the in-built wi-fi access point to reach out to the teacher.

“We have managed to virtualise the teacher and bring good education into the reach of aspirant poor and lower middle class. India will be a young country and we need to focus on good education,” said Aravind Sitaraman, president of Inclusive Growth, Cisco Systems.

He added that Cisco will partner with NGOs to provide teachers and the content. The company will take contents from government textbooks and distribute them in various languages. “We will provide the entire ecosystem, including setup and technical support,” he said. With Dwara, a teacher who is based in Bangalore will be able to take classes for students in Shimoga.

Dwara was put through a rigorous two-year testing period in nine schools and four hostels. “We plan to sell 400 machines in the next six months. Dwara will cost a school approximately 1$ per student per month with a minimum strength of 200,” Arvind said.


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