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‘Reform political, educational system to build healthy India’

Curriculum Development

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR

Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingh Deb on Sunday underlined the need for an immediate reform in political order and educational system to build a healthy society and nation imbued with moral and spiritual values.

Expressing concern over the decay in the social value system, growing scams, deterioration of law and order and crime against women etc, first servant of the Lord Jagannath Deb said, “We have to show a new way and a way out of the mess by building our character with moral values and spiritual way of life for ensuring progress and prosperity in society.” He added, “We want to intensify a spiritual revolution.”

Deb was addressing media here on Sunday after presiding over a meeting of the Swami Chidananda Birth Centenary Committee of which he is the chairman. Deb regretted that the objective of serving the people was lost in the present day political system.

“Vote bank politics has become the bane of present political system which lacks moral values,” he said and advocated for basic reforms in the existing election system.

“The election system needs to be reviewed to rectify the defective political process,” he said and suggested that reform in political system should be initiated from “top to bottom”. “We need good people with noble character at the helm of affairs to serve and govern which would percolate to the lowest ebb of the administrative system,” he said.

He asserted that the politicians should learn “Karma yoga”, which means love, serve, purify, meditate and realize. Deb said our educational system needs reform from bottom to top, which is a long term affair, lamenting that the present day education system lacks morality and spirituality that guide the student to lead a noble life and become a useful member of society.

Education should concern practical life and aim at something more than merely the bread and butter problem, he viewed.

The curriculum should be prepared to enable students for building up character and future leaders, he said. “We are product of a system which is defective and needs to be cleansed,” he maintained.


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