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School fee: HC panel bill nears Rs 1cr

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Times of India

The high court committee formed to look into complaints of fee hike by private unaided schools in December 2011 has already cost around Rs 1 crore but the excess fee refunded to parents under its orders comes to just Rs 5.8 lakh. Though the committee had ordered more than 100 schools to refund extra fees, only one school has actually paid parents.

The reply to an RTI query filed by lawyer-activist Khagesh Jha shows that till January 2013 the committee had received Rs 97.25 lakh as fees and another Rs 7.36 lakh was paid to a chartered accountancy firm. The Directorate of Education received Rs 1.29 crore from schools for the committee which has been studying financial records of more than 1,100 Delhi schools. The committee’s recommendations?submitted to and accepted by the high court?included refund of fees by 122 schools (one batch of 64 in August, 2012 and another of 58 in March this year).

The impact of the giant exercise is yet to be seen. The reply to Jha’s request for “details of amount refunded to the parents in terms of recommendation of refund of excess fees” states: “One school, namely Maharishi Dayanand Public School, New Moti Nagar, New Delhi, has claimed to have refunded excess fee charged from students”.

The Justice Anil Dev Singh Committee was constituted in December 2011 to look into “how much fee increase was required by each individual recognized unaided school on the implementation of the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission.” While examining the paperwork, the committee also discovered financial irregularities?it recommended inspection of 27 schools in March?and misrepresentation in several.

Of Maharishi Dayanand Public School, the panel’s first interim report states: “In reply to the questionnaire submitted by the school, it is stated that it had neither implemented the 6th Pay Commission Report nor increased the fee in terms of order dated 11.2.2009 issued by the Director of Education. The records…were examined by Ms SunitaNautiyal, Audit Officer of the Committee, and her observations are that…the school has increased tuition fee by Rs 100 per month for all the classes which was the maximum amount permitted to be increased as per the aforesaid order…when the school had admittedly not implemented the 6th Pay Commission Report.”

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  1. We donot expect much to happen with such committees since procedural formalities in Democracy take time and that negates any quick results. In this case,the Education Dept should have an inbuilt mechanism and empower a team to check and get refunds to Parents immediately.If decisions are wrong then Private schools shud go to Courts for reimbursements…..

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