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Teacher education and training

29-Jul-2013 :

Times of India

With e-learning technologies playing a crucial role in classroom education across the globe, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to provide online training to more than 30,000 teachers across India.
The training will focus on imparting knowledge regarding Olabs – Online Lab Experiments of science and mathematics of secondary and higher secondary level education.

Vineet Joshi, chairman, CBSE said, “In order to adapt to the changing scenario of education, in the era of e-learning , Olabs will help overcome the limitations faced by both teachers and students, thus making learning more effective.”

‘Olabs – PAN India Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Elearning’ has been designed by the department of electronics and information technology. The project will be available on ERNET’s CDN Network across the nation. Implementation of Olabs in CBSE schools will be highly beneficial to students as well as teachers since schools suffering from infrastructure problems, budget constraints, large student-to-equipment ratio will be better equipped to teach students.

Olabs, will be available in English and regional languages, and will create awareness about the current trends in the field of information technology. 


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