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New ICT curriculum to make students, teachers tech savvy

Curriculum Development, ICT


Hindustan Times

In line with the national policy to create tech savvy students and teachers, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has developed a curriculum framework for a course in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that will be adopted by all Indian secondary education boards.

The curriculum has been drafted for two special courses on ICT education, one for students and the other for teachers.

The NCERT has also proposed teaching students ICT from a younger age, therefore, the curriculum has been prepared for three year courses spread across Classes 6 to 12.

Currently, the state board’s new syllabus had made ICT mandatory for students of Classes 9 to 12.

The bases of the ICT curricula are the goals set in the National Curriculum Framework (2005) and the National Policy.

“Recent research has shown that Indians are better-equipped in ICT than other countries in ICT. But such a curriculum aims at gearing students and teachers for global competitiveness,” said NK Jarag, director of MSCERT.

Secondary education boards across the country can offer the course spread over three years, with three sessions held per week.

The curriculum also plans to assess students through a continuous comprehensive assessment throughout the course, while summative evaluations will be conducted at the end of every year.

Students will be evaluated based on an exhibition and a peer review of the work done through the year.

The curriculum also requires students to create an e-portfolio of their work.

NCERT has proposed that until the infrastructure for course is ready at all schools, the state boards should hold separate examinations for the course and award certificates after exams.

“Once all schools are equipped, this could become a part of the school leaving certificate,” the framework states.

A similar programme has been introduced for teachers, to use ICT in classrooms, designed through a two year diploma.

The course is divided into two ? refresher courses and induction courses.

Any teacher who has completed three induction and 14 refresher courses is eligible to take an examination and will be given a diploma in ICT in education, by NCERT.

The curriculum has been uploaded on NCERT’s website.

Parents, students and academicians can submit their suggestions within 15 days.


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