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West Bengal forms panel for better education

Curriculum Development


Times of India

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has decided to set up the education commission with four or five eminent educationists to draw up a plan for 2020 and also for 2030 which will be a vision document guiding the education department and the state government.
Mamata said that the document would help impart best education to the students of Bengal in the days ahead.
According to sources in the school education department, the commission will be set up to find out the fallacies existing in the current academic system. “It will try and give suggestions to make improvement in the existing syllabus, teaching and learning methods, examination system and anything related to education,” said a school education department official. According to him, the He added, “after CM’s announcement on Thursday, next step will be to decide on the names who will be on the panel and bring out a government order.
Speaking to the teachers and students on the Teachers’ Day on Thursday, the CM said, “Students need to know how to outperform others in the competitions, how to be good in art, music, dance as well as studies. The brain needs oxygen and it will not come from studies alone. One should not feel miserable if he or she does not score 100. Of course, one should aim to achieve 100 but that is not the end. During our childhood days, there were more co-curricular activities.”
Mamata also made it clear that she wanted the burden of syllabus to be reduced off the children. “Syllabus needs to be reduced.
Students cannot be left to suffer from Spondylitis even before they reach 18 just by carrying huge load of books on their shoulders. Stress and tension must be removed,” the CM said. She added that Bengal has been promoted to rank 3 among all states from rank 17 in an education survey. “We shall now aim to reach the top,” CM said.
Education minister Bratya Basu said that after releasing new books for the students of classes I, III and V last year, the syllabus reform committee, headed by Aveek Mazumdar, has drawn up the list of new books which were released by the chief minister for students of classes II, IV, VI and VIII.


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