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Education department to enquire into school transfer certificate with ‘criminal’ remark

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NAGPUR: The education department has swung into action and ordered an enquiry after TOI reported a city school described a teenager as a “criminal” on his transfer certificate (TC). Kashmir Vidhya Mandir had issued the TC last year to its std VII student, mentioning his conduct as ‘bad’. What is shocking was that in the remarks section, the school wrote “he is involved in criminal activities”.

The inquiry is being headed by a deputy education officer at the secondary education department, and final report is expected within a month. There was outrage after the gross abuse of power by school authorities came to light.

The issue had not been taken up by anyone, and the student slipped through the cracks in the system after being given the TC. Recently, Shahid Sharif, who runs a private organization called RTE Action Committee, obtained a copy of the TC through RTI, revealing the blatant heavy handedness of the school.

The TC was issued on May 19, 2012, and the reason for issuing the TC has been mentioned “as per parents request”. The student studied at KVM from 2008-2012 and had passed std VII when this TC was issued. As per the date of birth mentioned in school records, the student was 14-year-old when the TC was issued.

Sources in the education department told TOI that the existence of this TC was known to certain education officials for months. It was even discussed at meeting in the last week of October. There had been talk of an enquiry into the matter, however, no one had acted in the two months since.

Some say that certain officials in the secondary department wanted things to remain under wraps, and there was an attempt to bury the incident. However, with the matter being exposed in the media, the department is taking up the issue.

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