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‘Public schools in India only for rich kids’


Times of India


INDORE: “Public schools in India are only for the rich and a large population of children are aloof of the quality education,” lamented minister of rural development Jairam Ramesh. He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 74th IPSC Heads Conclave at the Daly College on Saturday on topic ‘Education through Creativity’.

Ramesh also inaugurated the  Mukesh Jhaveri Green Centre on the school premises. Citing his own example, Ramesh said that he is an alumnus of Kendra Vidyalaya.

“The rich and poor divide is very deep rooted in our contemporary education system. Schooling in the West is completely public, whereas in India, only rich kids have access to public schools. Condition of government schools is dismal and there is an urgent need to bridge this disparity and Right to Education is one of the ways,” asserted the minister.

He also mentioned that significant investment should be made in education sector. Ramesh also related the problem of rising unemployment with lack of access to school education. He said, “When a large number of children have no access to school education, how are they going to get jobs?”

Citing example of ideal education in Kerala, he said that 60% of the government fund is allocated for community schools and not for government schools and the fund is managed and utilised by churches and private organizations.

Stressing the need for reservation, the economist said it should be there and is justified because for ages the under-privileged have been deprived of rights. It has brought them among the mainstream in the society.

Representatives from 37 eminent schools of the country are taking part in the three-day conclave. Principal of Welham Girl’s School Dehradun Jyotsana Brar was awarded with Life Time Award on Saturday.

On inaugural of the Green centre, Ramesh said that it is a commendable effort of the school to bring together activity of not only Daly College but also other schools and bring awareness at a large platform. The centre has been established with help of Daly College alumni  Abhishek Jhaveri and  Dhruv Bhaskar.

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