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Innovative school design to reinvent education



Times of India

NEW DELHI: Factory-like school buildings are out; “learning environments” are in. In a recent talk on “Global Shifts in Education,” organised by Education Design Architects, architect and planner Prakash Nair spoke on new ways of designing schools that’ll be in step with how learning actually happens.

“The talk focused on new and innovative school designs that not only enhance the learning experience but are also cost effective as compared to conventional school designs,” says a statement issued by EDA.

Nair argued that school design has to match that fast-changing learning patterns and methods. Children simply don’t learn the same way they used.

“Unfortunately, over 90% of the educational infrastructure worldwide provide for only one form of learning, which is the lecture format or teacher-directed approach. However, there are plenty of other ways in which one can learn and education facilities today do not support any of the others such as team collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, independent study, project based learning etc. Hence, it’s important that buildings and physical infrastructure are also built to serve the purpose and create conducive learning environments,” observed Nair.

He also dwelt on how, deep into the 21st century, we are still using the 20th century educational model with “factory-like school buildings that a majority of students around the world attend” at its heart.

“The classroom is a relic, left over from the Industrial Revolution. Classroom-based education lags far behind when measured against its ability to deliver the creative and agile workforce that the 21st century demands,” argued Nair.


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