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Improving upon RTE

Right to Education

Parth Shah

Rajeev Mantri and Harsh Gupta in Mint dissect the motivations and impact of RTE and suggest that “dramatically more educational spending by Delhi is not fiscally possible, and repealing RTE is not politically feasible. Therefore, we must now push for as many exemptions as possible within the RTE, while getting more budget schools recognized for reimbursements.”

Repealing RTE is politically impossible but amending it could become politically appealing. We should focus on the type of amendments that we would want to see in the RTE, build a consensus and push for political acceptance.

Along with saving budget performing schools (BPS) and getting them recognised for reimbursement, we should work to get 25% implemented well across the country. If this implementation is full of loopholes, extortion and bribery, the BPS would not benefit much.

This blog was originally posted on Spontaneous Order.

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