Weekly Update on Education

8 October 2008

Govt should go for reforms in education
Livemint, 5 October 2008

"As of now in India, only about 7% of our youth go for higher education. If this figure goes up by another 5%, we will face a severe shortage of institutes for higher learning. The government would be unable to meet this demand." More [+]

Spending on education by state govts declines over 12 yrs
Press Trust of India, 5 October 2008

"The spending on education by state governments has been declining over the last 12 years, a study has found. Spending has dropped from 20 per cent of the total expenditure of states in 1995-96 to around 18 per cent in 2007-08, the study by PHD Chamber said." More [+]

Univ students may get to rate teachers
Hindustan Times, 6 October 2008

“University students might soon get to assess their teachers, which would decide whether they deserve service promotion or not. While recommending huge hike in pay and incentives for the teachers, the University Grants Commission Pay Review Committee has proposed a system of accountability in universities and colleges across the country.” More [+]

Teach India: Think local, think Ladakhi
The Times of India, 26 July 2008

"It's a question we all ask: Why don't ministers, bureaucrats and officers enroll their children in the schools they run? Sonam Wangchuk, co-founder of the Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL), has the answer: "With their children safely tucked away in private schools, they have no stake in government schools. Those with influence have no stake in the system, while those with a stake have no influence." More [+]

Court orders inquiry against school for removing student
Sindh Today, 27 September 2008

"The Delhi High Court asked the director of education (DoE) to hold an inquiry against a school in the capital which has removed two students belonging to the economically weaker section (EWS) of the society." More [+]

Quality of education in India is unsatisfactory, says Narayana Murthy
Indian Express, 3 October 2008

"Despite being one of the largest producers of academic degrees in the world, the quality of education (in India) is still unsatisfactory,” said ex-chairman and chief mentor, Infosys, Narayana Murthy while delivering a lecture on the ‘need for world class educational institutions’ to a gathering comprising students, professors and alumni of the University Institute of Chemical Technolgy (UICT), Matunga." More [+]

Talent shortage contributing to inflation spiral
The Economic Times, 3 October 2008

"In most cases, the talent shortage gaps begin with the ‘one-size-fit-all’ approach to education, at the primary and secondary levels and lack of application based or employment oriented learning. From the perspectives of most industries, the softer elements and behavioural essentials are critical." More [+]

Education bill may be tabled in next session
The Times of India, 8 October 2008

"The GoM suggested no big change in the bill. Only minor editing changes were suggested. HRD ministry will include the changes and send it to Cabinet soon. In all likelihood, the bill will be introduced in the coming session of Parliament," a source said." More [+]

School vouchers are ideal solution for poor
Livemint, 18 September 2008

"Why not opt for the obvious solution of allowing parents and students to choose on their own which school they will patronize? If the government gave the parents vouchers which could be cashed either in state schools or in private schools, then the poor parents would have the same measure of choice that their affluent fellow-citizens have." More [+]

Parents’ plea: fund the child “directly” instead of funding schools
The Telegraph, 4 October 2008

"Ranchi, Oct. 3: Demanding a change in the present education system, rural schoolchildren and parents today asked the government to fund a child “directly” instead of funding schools." More [+]

* Distribution of classrooms having good condition: 72.96 %
* Single Teacher Schools (All Schools): 11.76 %
* Schools having Girl's Toilet in School (All schools): 42.58 %
* Schools having Drinking Water Facility in School (All schools): 84.89 %
* Primary Schools having Pupil-Teacher Ratio ≥ 60: 17.44 %
* Primary Schools with ≤ 3 Teachers: 60.33 %
* Retention Rate at Primary Level: 70.26

Source: Flash Statistics: Elementary Education in India: Progress towards UEE

What’s Wrong with our Teaching?
"Educational Initiatives (EI) and Wipro Applying Thought in Schools jointly conducted a national level research study to understand how well children are learning in the top schools of our country. Over 32,000 students from 142 leading schools of five metros - Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore participated in the tests conducted between February and April 2006." More [+]


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