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19 November 2008

Indian teacher bags top global honour
NDTV, 18 November 2008

“Students of class IXth of Raipur's Rajiv Gandhi Navoday Vidyalaya are a proud lot. During their Social Studies class, they get to see a multimedia project on 'Planetary Alignment', which has been specially put together by Padambir Singh, also known as 'Kathaith' sir. Click by click, the presentation takes the students out of this world into a world of planets.” More [+]

Coming, robots to the classroom
Express News Service, 17 November 2008

“Currently about 10 to 15 schools in Bangalore and more than 15 schools in Delhi offer robotic education, said Mohhan Nimbalkar, manager of Development and Support of Techtronics. "In Chennai, we are planning to begin with the Kendriya Vidyalayas," adds Rahul. Robotic education will address India's engineering and research manpower needs by introducing engineering and research concepts to children at an early stage.” More [+]

3Es of India’s growth
The Financial Express, 10 November 2008

“The privatisation vs choice debate has particularly important implications for education. If government spending was routed to students rather than government schools by some kind of redeemable scholarship or voucher, then parent choices would reveal preferences and create competition. Parth Shah of the Centre for Civil Society runs a campaign ( that is gaining acceptance but needs more support by states.” More [+]

Teach India: A life beyond pin-stripes
The Times of India, 14 November 2008

“In a few months Manocha will watch his classmates battle it out on campus for their final placements to some of the biggest companies across the globe. But Manocha may not be part of the race. He plans to devote the next two years of his life educating underprivileged children.” More [+]

Govt fined for not giving admission info
The Times of India, 17 November 2008

“Even as parents struggle in the quagmire of nursery admissions, the Central Information Commission has imposed a penalty of Rs 25,000 on the Delhi government's education department for its inability to give details of admissions given to under-privileged children by two well-known schools.” More [+]

The nursery admission lottery
Expressindia, 17 November 2008

“With the war for nursery admissions just starting in the city, Newsline looks at the issues and the numbers. Parents lament the lack of good public schools in the city. For every one seat in the nursery class in public schools, more than 20 children are seeking admission.” More [+]

Adding to quality
Business Standard, 19 November 2008

“Rapid proliferation in recent years, along with a defective certification process, has meant that the problem of poor quality has assumed daunting proportions; the institutes that offer quality professional education are in the minority.” More [+]

Markets vs. Monopolies in Education: A Global Review of the Evidence
Cato Institute Policy Analysis, September 2008

“Would large-scale, free-market reforms improve educational outcomes for American children? That question cannot be answered by looking at domestic evidence alone. Though innumerable "school choice" programs have been implemented around the United States, none has created a truly free and competitive education marketplace. Existing programs are too small, too restriction laden, or both. To understand how genuine market forces affect school performance, we must cast a wider net, surveying education systems from all over the globe.” More [+]

Measuring Skills for the 21st Century
Education Sector Reports, 12 November 2008

“Standing in the way of incorporating 21st century skills into teaching and learning are widespread concerns about measurement. The cost, time demands, and difficulty in scoring tests of these less easily quantified skills have slowed the adoption of such tests, as have concerns among civil rights advocates that these tests would erode progress toward ensuring common standards of learning for all students.” Read it here

Percentage of Schools having Regular Head Master / Teacher (All Schools)

All states average
Urban: 56.75
Rural: 46.54

States with lowest percentage
Urban: 23.14 (Goa)
Rural: 11.04 (Chhattisgarh)

State with highest percentage
Urban: 84.54 (Gujarat)
Rural: 91.34 (Gujarat)

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