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26 November 2008

FICCI calls for public-private partnership to boost education
The Economic Times, 19 November 2008

“Public-private partnership can boost higher education in India and give chance to over 170 mn students who are currently left out, the industry lobby Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) suggested Wednesday.” More [+]

An effort to tackle violence in schools
The Times of India, 25 November 2008

“The 'offence' can be anything — dirty uniform, incomplete homework, being late for the morning prayers, untidy pleats or even paying the fee late. And the 'punishment' can range from making a child stand in the sun, do 70 sit ups, beating, monetary punishment or even ripping off his or her nails.” More [+]

Focus On Schools
The Times of India, 20 November 2008

“A plea for comprehensive and sophisticated policy for children and their education sounds like asking for the moon these days. We feign ignorance of the complexity of the demands that little children make on the state, and not just on their malnourished mothers. If they are to be nurtured to live and participate in a vibrant democratic order, India will need to pay the same meticulous attention to the needs of a primary school as it does in the case of IITs.” More [+]

IIT graduate, McKinsey consultant, Redefines ‘success’
The Economic Times, 23 November

“These days, Garima Kapila is asked the following question all the time--by peers, by relatives, by potential Teach For India applicants: Why did you decide to leave your job with McKinsey to become the Mumbai director of Teach For India?” More [+]

Third child unwelcome in Delhi school, 21 November 2008

“Neelam Chopra has two boys studying in Salwan. They've been there for nearly nine years so she thought admission to nursery for Ketan, her youngest son, would be a cakewalk. But no admission to a third child, says the school. And the ideas had her peeved.” More [+]

Investment in education as good as Africa's
The Economic Times, 26 November 2008

“For a government that has prided itself on its commitment to education, Unesco’s Education For All Global Monitoring Report 2009 came with a severe indictment. According to the report, public investment in education in India was at 3.3% of the country’s gross national product, a figure that put India’s public investment in education at lower than sub-Saharan Africa’s median.” More [+]

Woollens to schools kids only by Feb: MCD
Indianexpress, 23 November 2008

“In spite of a noticeable drop in temperatures, the MCD thinks it’s too early to give winter uniforms to children in its schools. Like every winter, children will have to wait till February to get their uniforms.” More [+]

Panel on varsity functioning may focus on regulation instead
Livemint, 21 November 2008

“A panel set up by the government to review the functioning of the two top regulators of the country’s education sector, which have come under widespread criticism for their restrictive policies and sometimes opaque functioning, may actually not look at the details of how these two entities function and instead suggest ways in which universities can regulate themselves, according to its chairman.” More [+]

Collective Bargaining in Education and Pay for Performance
Education Sector Report, 28 February 2008

“The purpose of this paper is to examine the interplay between the emerging policy focus on teacher performance incentives and the response of teachers unions.” More [+]

Physical abuse among school children in India

All India
65.01% of children in all age groups reported being beaten at school.
54.28% were boys.
45.72% were girls.

States reporting high incidences
Assam (99.56%)
Mizoram (90.86%)
Uttar Pradesh (81.59%)
Maharashtra (75.90%)
Delhi (69.11%).

Study on Child Abuse: INDIA 2007 (Ministry of Women & Child Development)

Learn Without Fear Report

Plan's new report, the most comprehensive global examination of school violence yet, focuses on 3 major areas: sexual violence, corporal punishment and bullying. Read the full report here


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