Weekly Update on Education

31 December 2008

Delhi schools to hike fee, parents anxious
NDTV, 31 December 2008

“Delhi schools continue to give the city sleepless nights. For those whose kids are in good schools, there is a bad news - the schools want a whopping 30-40 per cent increase in fees by the end of this week.” More [+]

New approach to primary education faces many tests
Livemint, 29 December 2008

“To guide teachers on how to switch over from the old test score-based system, NCERT has released source books or guidelines on assessment which ask teachers to prepare a child’s profile, maintain a portfolio of his work, and write qualitative or descriptive statement’s of a child’s work. The source books will be publicized and supplied to schools in the next two years.” More [+]

Madrasa certificates will now be CBSE equivalent
Indianexpress, 30 December 2008

“New Delhi: In a move that goes a long way in mainstreaming Madrasa students across the country and help clear their way to higher education, the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry is all set to grant madrasa certificates equivalence to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).”More [+]

Need to modernize BEd, MEd curriculum stressed
The Times of India, 29 December 2008

“PATNA: Teacher educators drawn from different parts of the country have emphasized the need for modernization of the curriculum of BEd and MEd and restrictions on mushroom growth of substandard training institutions. Participating in deliberations on the second day of the three-day 42nd annual conference of the Indian Association of Teacher Education (IATE) here on Sunday, they also suggested some models for ensuring effective training and qualitative improvement in the course content.” More [+]

Govt plans tribunals to address on-campus educational disputes
Livemint, 30 December 2008

“New Delhi: The government is now planning to set up special tribunals in universities and colleges across the country to address disputes between teachers and administration or any conflict on the campuses. ”More [+]

Teachers critical of Right To Education Bill
The Hindu, 25 December 2008

“The Right to Education Bill, introduced in the Rajya Sabha last week, proposing that schools cannot fail students until they complete Class 8 has received flak from teachers.” More [+]

Offer vouchers for special education: It would save money and improve quality
Daily News, 29 December 2008

“Contrary to popular belief, tuition charged by private schools, where vouchers can be used, is actually lower than public school per-pupil expenditures. Take Florida, which is home to the nation's first voucher program for disabled students. Under the program, all disabled students are eligible for a voucher that is worth the lesser of the amount the public school would have spent on them or the tuition at a chosen private school. The value of the average voucher for disabled students there is $7,295. Not only is this far less than what the state spends to educate a disabled student in a public school, it is even below the state's much lower average per-pupil cost of educating all students, both disabled and regular enrollment. ”More [+]

More pay for teachers
The Times of India, 29 December 2008

“Although, it will take some time Human Resource Development ministry has yet to issue a formal notification for implementation of the pay hike for the decision to take effect at the university and college levels. Post-HRD notification, the state government too will have to issue an order. Members of PUTA expect this to happen by the end of March, which means a positive beginning for teachers in the year ahead. ” More [+]

Two-thirds of elementary schools without headmasters: study
The Hindu December 25 2008

“The study, compiled by National University of Educational Planning and Administration based on the District Information System for Education data for 2007-08, was tabled in Parliament last week. ”More [+]

School Choice Campaign launches its new Website:

SCC embraces 2009, as it draws upon us with passion, hope and optimism - to fight for the Right to Education of Choice for every child in our country - with a completely revamped website. The web coordinate,, now has a refreshing look as it captures the essence of the School Choice Campaign - the idea, advocacy platforms, events, the state campaigns and people networking. Supporters can now access developments by viewing/subscribing to SCC and CCS newsletters (Student First!, Student First! News etc.), share and discuss views on the message board, be vociferous in supporting School Choice by signing for the SCC petitions (already counting to 27,38,314) and promote the campaign by donating using the Paypal utility. The new portal has a lucid structure with cross linking for easier manoeuvrability through its contents. The webpage will soon be publicised through the regular and cyber media.
















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