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04 May 2010

School Is a Right, but Will Indian Girls Be Able to Go?
Nilanjana Bhowmick, Time Magazine, 29 April 2010

Many have questioned how the RTE Act will address the widespread problem of young girls dropping out to help at home. Children across India are being put to work at the cost According to a National Commission for Protection of Children's Rights (NCPCR) report, in India, girls ages 6-14 spend an average of nearly eight hours a day caring for other children in the familyof their education, but girls have the additional burden of being caregivers in households with working parents.

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Few Teachers in School, so room grabbed
Ruhi Bhasin & Neha Pushkarna, The Times of India, 29 April 2010

An amount of Rs 1441.76 crore was allocated to primary education in MCD’s budget for 2010-2011. The allocation in the previous financial year was Rs 1231.20 crore. These figures do not reflect the dismal condition of most primary schools being run by the civic body in this age of Right to Education. Around 20-25% of MCD schools are still functioning out of tents. The MCD has improved the building structure but basic facilities are lacking in some. More [+]

'Right to Education funding be referred to National Development Council'
Business Standard, 27 April 2010

The funding pattern between the Centre and the state for implementing Right to Education Act should be referred to the National Development Council headed by the Prime Minister, a Parliamentary panel has suggested."The committee desires that the issue of funding may be considered in the light of the states inability to bear the huge financial burden and the matter be referred to the National Development Council," the report said.NDC is a body headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and having chief ministers as its member. More [+]

After RTE, no quota for MPs in Kendriya Vidyalayas: Sibal
The Hindu, 30 April 2010

Government has abolished MPs’ quota in admission to the Kendriya Vidyalayas after enactment of the Right to Education Act that reserves 25 per cent seats in the school for local students.Against 2,800 students that MPs could nominate in 977 Kendriya Vidyalaya in the country, the Act now provides for reservation to 25,000 students (considering 10 lakh students study in KVs), Sibal said. More [+]

New mayor promises MCD middle schools for Delhi, 1 May 2010

"The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will begin running middle schools (standards V to VIII) with the implementation of the Right To Education (RTE) Act," announced Delhi's new Mayor, Prithvi Raj Sawhney on Friday. Due to the implementation of the RTE Act, the MCD will now be allowed to run middle schools, as the Right of children to free and compulsory Education Act guarantees the provision of education up to class VIII for all children between the ages of 6 to 14. More [+]

Dikshit tells private schools not to hike fee
The Times of India, 28 April 2010

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday told private schools in capital not to hike fee without approval of the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) as directed by the state education department. Making it clear that government would not reverse its position on the issue, she told a delegation of the private schools that it may consider revising the guideline for the academic session 2011-12, sources said. More [+]

Poll duty a burden, say teachers
Nalini Ravichandran, Express Buzz, 2 May 2010

Compulsory electoral work assigned to them has enraged the state’s government school teachers; especially after the pertinent circular warned that errant employees could face a three-month imprisonment.Their associations asked why other departments weren’t roped in for the task when teachers — now on vacation — are also engaged in pulse polio and family welfare awareness drives. More [+]

Don't trust the Conservative education policy – they want to implement our Swedish failures
Mona Sahlin, The Guardian, 2 May 2010

Sweden has had the free school system that the UK Conservative party are advocating for some 15 years now. And during this time a number of serious problems have become evident that mean urgent reform is now necessary. In fact, it is exactly those parts of the system the Tories want to implement in Britain that we are proposing to put an end to in Sweden. More [+]

Higher Education in India: Contemporary Issues and Opportunities for Foreign Participation
Rohan Mukherjee , Social Science Research Network

ABSTRACT: This paper presents an overview of the contemporary issues and challenges of Indian higher education, and looks in particular at ways in which potential foreign participants can legitimately play a role in the sector. It does not seek to make a case for increased foreign participation, but presumes it to be a medium-term outcome of the process of India's integration into the global economy. More [+]

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The Death and Life of Great American School System
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This book provides readers with a clear and detailed criticism of recent school reforms such as No Child Left Behind and the expansion of charter schools. In doing so, she also explains her own growing disillusionment over the past five years with market-based reforms and high-stakes testing policies.
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