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School Choice Vs present Monopoly System
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400 girls from underprivileged community in North East Delhi were awarded vouchers worth upto Rs. 3700 per year
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Joint Initiative of School Choice Campaign and www.schooladmissions.in
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December 2007

The signature collection for the first phase of campaign is almost over; the preparation for second phase campaign is going on. Citizens' groups are being formed in this state. The issue of the campaign has now become the issue of the community. Politicians and bureaucrats are gradually being convinced by the objectives of the campaign. So far, 2, 32, 700 signatures have been conducted through the direct contact of 3, 08,000 people. Till date 92 parents meetings, 51 block level meetings and 19 district level meetings have been conducted so far. 47 memorandums have been put forward to MLAs/MLCs and 12 memorandums to MPs till date. Consecutively, 17 rallies and 8 orientation programme had been held. Finally, good media coverage is creating great impact to the mass.

October 2007

In Jharkhand mass campaign is on full swing. Street play is key tool to reach people in the state. 1, 48,400 signatures have been collected so far through contacting 1,90,000 people. 54 parents meetings, 30 block level meetings, 11 district level meetings and 9 rallies have been conducted till date. 17 memorandums have been submitted to MLAs/MLCs and 14 memorandums to MPs.

September 2007

The second phase of the mass campaign in Jharkhand has been started in the month of August. Parents are being reached through street theatre in all the six districts of the state. About 1, 90,000 parents were contacted out of which 99,800 parents gave their direct support by signing. So far, 30 parents meetings, 18 block level meetings and 7 district level meetings were conducted. 9 delegations have met their respective MLA s and 4 delegations have met MPs demanding school voucher through submitting memorandums. 3 rallies have also been organized till date. Campaigns have got good media coverage.

August 2007

In Jharkhand, state partner PHOOLEEN has started mass campaign in six districts along with six district partners. The districts have been chosen for the campaign are Bokaro, Deogarh, Jamtara, Ranchi, Giridh & Saraikela. In this month, 8000 signatures have been collected. So till date, 84,000 signatures have been collected so far. 56 parents' meetings have been conducted till date and through where 2,101 parents have been taken part. 5 district level meetings have been conducted and 35 memorandums have been submitted to Gram Panchayat & 3 memorandums to MLAs and MLCs. Good press coverage we are getting for the state.

July 2007

On 8th April '07 a parents' workshop on school choice and Jansunvai was organised in Jharkhand. Over 180 people attended the programme including an ex-MP and an ex-MLA, MP's representatives and other local leaders. CCS has tied up with Phooleen and a network of six NGO's from the Jumav Manch to mobilize the School Choice Campaign in the state. Till date, 76,000 signatures have been collected in support of the campaign. 56 meetings with parents have been conducted so far, where over 2000 parents participated. Five district level meetings have been conducted. 35 memorandums have been submitted to gram panchayats and three memorandums to MLAs.

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