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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 263) 24 Dec 2013
- Rishi Vashistha
Manager, RTE Portal
Centre for Civil Society
Education 2025: eight building blocks

Ashish Dhawan, Founder-CEO of Central Square Foundation, shared eight aspects that could become the starting points of education in the future.

 1. Assessments: Assessments are a key portion of education. We should not shy away from participating in global assessments. Goals can't be set up without looking at an international benchmark, and therefore, we should participate in assessment studies like PISA and TIMSS. We should aim at being at least in the middle rankings in the next ten years.

2. Ratings: We should institute a national level assessment test (something like NAS) and have census-based assessments at the state and survey-based assessments at the national level. States should aspire to move up the ladder in this ranking. Also, we should understand that student assessment is the bedrock of school assessment, and we should be able to give feedback to the parents.

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More Than Scores: An Analysis of Why and How Parents Choose Private Schools
Author(s): Benjamin Scafidi, Jim Kelly
The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Brief: This report uses the results of a survey administered to Georgia parents of K-12 private school scholarship recipients to address three questions: In choosing the private school education best suited for the overall needs of their children, do parents primarily focus on the results from standardized tests administered to students attending the school or do they rely on a variety of factors, including student safety, class size, classroom discipline, religious education, high school completion and post secondary success, and a greater sense of community?

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Education News

Policy experts brainstorm education system
- Tribune News Service, 20 Dec 2013
School Choice Campaign, the flagship programme of Delhi-based think tank, Centre for Civil Society, today organised the 5th Annual School Choice National Conference (SCNC) on the theme "Education 2025: Student First" at the India International Centre here.

Unrecognized schools need fee hike to apply RTE rules
- The Times of India, 22 Dec 2013
The Delhi-based Centre for Civil Society has studied the 'Cost of Compliance to Norms and Standards set forward by Sections 18 and 19 of RTE' and found it works out to a four-fold increase in student fees.

Education needs to be re-invented, connected to industry: Gandhi
- Business Standard, 21 Dec 2013
Answering a query at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) here, a confident-sounding Gandhi said in India education and industry are thought of in two separate ways.

Apeejay Stya University to train 1,000 teachers; launches Svran Open Design Foundation
- India Eduacation Review, 18 Dec 2013
"Foundation will promote the knowledge of design think and innovation at a mass scale aiming to impact one million students," Apeejay Stya University Pro-Chancellor Aditya Berlia said in a statement.

Can public private partnerships (PPPs) significantly improve learning outcomes in primary education?

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Private school enrolment in rural India is increasing at about 10% every year or about 3 percentage points per year. (ASER 2012)


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