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400 girls from underprivileged community in North East Delhi were awarded vouchers worth upto Rs. 3700 per year
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Joint Initiative of School Choice Campaign and www.schooladmissions.in
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ViewPoint 10.1: Reservation in Private Schools under the Right to Education Act: Model for Implementation
Shekhar Mittal and Parth J Shah
A comprehensive analysis on reservation in private schools under the Right to Education Act, providing a seven-step model for 25% implementation.

Download the entire ViewPoint (PDF)


ViewPoint 10: Reservation in Private Schools under the Right to Education Act: Model for Implementation
Shekhar Mittal and Parth J Shah
Section 12 of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009 (the Act) has made it compulsory for every private unaided school to admit at least 25% of its entry level class from children belonging to weaker and disadvantaged groups. For this category of students the state government will reimburse schools an amount equal to either the fees charged by the school or the per child expenditure in state schools, whichever is lower.

Through this document the Centre for Civil Society seeks to highlight the lacunae in the current framework for 25% reservation for weaker and disadvantaged groups in unaided private schools  and seeks to provide inputs on effective implementation of the same.

Download the entire ViewPoint (PDF)


ViewPoint 9: Skill Vouchers - Global Experiences and Lessons for India
Leah Verghese and Parth J Shah
A study of the role that skill vouchers can play in catalysing demand for quality skill development services. This study examines global experiences with skill vouchers and draws lessons for India from these experiences.

Download the entire ViewPoint (PDF)


ViewPoint 8: Private Schools Serving the Poor
James Tooley and Pauline Dixon
A working paper, based on a study from Delhi, on the important if unsung role of private schools, in reaching the poor and satisfying their educational needs.

Download the entire ViewPoint (PDF)


ViewPoint 6: College Autonomy-Policy, Practice and Prospects
Ninan Abraham
Prof. Abraham writes in favor of providing full autonomy to colleges-in matters of curriculum, examination and evaluation, finances, as well as management of teaching and non-teaching staff.

Download the entire ViewPoint (PDF)


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School Choice National Conference 2017: Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) in Education
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17 February 2015
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