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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 283) 13 May 2014
- Karmanye
Should Minority Schools be Exempted from the Right to Education (RTE) Act Norms?

The Supreme Court has, in a recent verdict, by a majority of 2:1, upheld the validity of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, most significantly the clause mandating 25% reservation for economically weaker children, but exempted unaided minority institutions (the term ‘minority’ has been used in both the linguistic and religious contexts and it applies in the context of respective states) from the same…

In this blog, I argue that the critique of the judgment is well founded and there is no convincing justification to exempt minority schools from the 25% reservation regulation.

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Private Schools for the Poor – Education Where no one Expects It
Author: James Tooley
Education Next Vol. 5 No. 4, Fall 2005

Abstract: The accepted wisdom is that private schools serve the privileged; everyone else, especially the poor, requires public school. The poor, so this logic goes, need government assistance if they are to get a good education, which helps explain why, in the United States, many school choice enthusiasts believe that the only way the poor can get the education they deserve is through vouchers or charter schools, proxies for those better private or independent schools, paid for with public funds.

But if we reflect on these beliefs in a foreign context and observe low-income families in underprivileged and developing countries, we find these assumptions lacking: the poor have found remarkably innovative ways of helping themselves, educationally, and in some of the most destitute places on Earth have managed to nurture a large and growing industry of private schools for themselves.

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Education News

Should minorities be deprived of quality education?
- Zee News, 12 May 2014
New Delhi: A Supreme Court judgment holding that the RTE Act guaranteeing free education to children from socially and economically-backward sections is not applicable to minority-run institutions is not finding many takers in the legal fraternity who feel it is flawed and would deprive hundreds of thousands of children from vulnerable sections of quality education.

Where a teen cannot spell, more schools cannot chase more votes
- The Indian Express, 09 May 2014
In this part of a series on constituencies that have improved on social indicators, The Indian Express visits Ghazipur, where the number of schools has increased but the quality of education has not improved.

Dubai Cares helps to educate more than one million schoolchildren in India
- The National, 11 May 2014
DUBAI: A local charity is aiming to improve education for more than 1 million schoolchildren in India over the next three years.

How technology is set to transform India’s fragmented education system
- The Guardian, 7 May 2014
India has no strategy for technology in the classroom, but entrepreneurs and nonprofits are braving the odds in the sector.

Right to Education fees refund on track: Govt.
- The Times of India, 10 May 2014
PUNE: State education secretary Ashwini Bhide was in the city on Friday for a review workshop of Pune, Kolhapur and Mumbai divisions. Bhide spoke to TOI on the workshop's sidelines on a range of issues including reimbursements to schools for Right to Education (RTE) admissions, continuous and comprehensive evaluation of school students and mushrooming of play schools in cities.

America’s dangerous education myth: Why it isn’t the best anti-poverty program
- Salon, 12 May 2014
Here's what's behind the claim that education is the panacea to inequality -- and why it has the answer all wrong.

Should the RTE Act be applicable to minority schools?

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RC Jain’s fight to save small schools from Right to Education normsRC Jain’s fight to save small schools from Right to Education norms
RC Jain said that many schools in India will not be able to fulfill Centre's land norms and will shut down, bringing lakhs of children on roads. Watch this video here.


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