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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 284) 20 May 2014
- Meeta Sengupta
India needs an education strategy

India stands at a cusp today between two governments. The previous one has been serving the nation for the past ten years the new one will hopefully get a mandate strong enough to stand for the next five.

As we stand on this platform between the old and the new (regardless of which party comes back to power, though by now it seems to be fairly clear) it is a time to call for change.

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Public-Private Partnerships in School Education – Learning and Insights for India
Authors: Shweta Chaudhry & Aarushi Uboweja
Central Square Foundation; Working Paper, March 2014

Abstract: Public-Private Partnerships can introduce innovation and investment into India’s government school system, which urgently needs to improve the quality of education. Lessons from existing models in India and international efforts at collaboration between the private and public sector show that PPPs have an important role in improving the system.

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Education News

Education Protects Women From Abuse
- Tha Atlantic, 15 May 2014
The horrifying kidnapping of nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls by the extremist group Boko Haram was made even more horrifying by the fact that the group specifically targeted the girls for trying to improve their lives. Boko Haram went after the girls for the same reason the Taliban went after Malala Yousafzai: Extremists fear smart women.

The Indian liberal arts renaissance
- The Times of India, 19 May 2014
In the decade to come, the Liberal Arts will undergo a renaissance in India. Why?

Brown v. Board of Education at 60
- The Huffington Post, 19 May 2014
Supreme Court decisions are important not only for what they decide but for the reasoning that produces or explains the ultimate result. That is particularly important in iconic decisions such as Brown v. Board of Education, decided 60 years ago.

The Federal Government Hasn’t Improved Education After Trying for 50 Years
- The Foundry, 19 May 2014
The federal government has been trying to improve educational outcomes for 50 years, but according to a recent study, we have little to show for it — and in some areas, it is getting worse.

Chile’s Bachelet sends education reform to Congress following street protests demanding change
- Fox News, 19 May 2014
Chile's President Michelle Bachelet announced the first stage of her promised education reforms on Monday, proposing an end to state subsidies of for-profit schools — a step toward eventual free university education.

In Chinese Schools, Disabled Get Shortchanged
- The New York Times, 18 May 2014
Mike, 13, lives on the outskirts of Beijing. He is gifted: He plays the piano by ear and, most afternoons, practices singing Italian opera. Yet Mike, whose family has requested that his Chinese name not be used, may never be able to go to university, or even high school, because he is almost completely blind.

Does the socio-economic reservation provided under Section 12 of the RTE Act have an equalising effect on education?

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In India, 54% of all 1.46 million K-12 schools in India are managed by the Central Government and state governments, 21% are managed by local bodies/ municipal corporations, 25% are privately run. Source: Ernst & Young


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