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New Education Policy: Keep Students First!
19 December 2015 | 9:30am - 6:00pm
Silver Oak, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India
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Chippersage Education Private Ltd is in the business of providing research critical products & Services which facilitate easier learning of difficult concepts for children.  Our beneficiaries are children in the age group 3 yrs - 15 yrs. WE currently offer our products and services in building english language skills. The company’s product suite intends to make the process of learning not just fast and effective but essentially - very interesting, joyful and experiential.  Further, we dream of doing that across a wide set of knowledge areas.

Learning Links FoundationLearning Links Foundation

Learning Links Foundation (LLF) is a not-for-profit trust, established in 2002, with a vision to foster a future where education is optimally delivered and learning is truly inspired. The Foundation holds a considerable repository of solutions and services that improve quality and enhance innovation in education, and has been working across India and the Asia region for improving learning levels, promoting innovation, fostering 21st century skills and enabling systemic changes in the education ecosystem.


Agnitio EducationAgnitio Education

Agnitio Education is an education technology company started by IITians and we believe in “Think Education, Act Technology”philosophy. We are excited about connecting with education community to serve them better in various ways. At Agnitio Education, we build technology products to help transform educational institutions and training / vocational organizations into a more connected student centric community and improve education experience.

Carpe Diem, Teach for IndiaCarpe Diem, Teach for India

Carpe Diem is an educational residency program, that aims at initiating a change in the lives of the impressionable young minds from lower income communities of our classrooms. Carpe Diem envisions to design and execute a capacity building annual residency structure that integrates analytical, literary and performing art skills for children from across under-resourced Teach For India Classrooms-identified and selected competitively, based on their potential for intuitive problem solving skills, and a curious aesthetic for language and arts- to equip each one of these children with the opportunity and experiences aligned with exemplar school models.


Convegenius is a mobile first, product company focused on digitizing education and making it affordable, fun and rewarding. ConveGenius aims to become a market leader in Edutainment. The company aims to create disruption in the knowledge and digital media segment by providing affordable educational solutions for both the existing and the emerging mobile users globally.

Educational InitiativesEducational Initiatives

Established in 2001, Educational Initiatives believes in making a difference in education through personalized learning and ensuring that students learn with understanding. It does this through numerous assessments (ASSET, Detailed Assessment, etc) as well as adaptive learning programs like Mindspark. EI works with government schools, private schools as well as international research and development agencies.


iForIndia is a citizen engagement and political accountability initiative to actively involve ordinary citizens like you and me in the democratic process and to give voice to our opinions on issues that affect the lives of all Indians. It is a platform where we can rate the quality of government provided services provided to generate real time 'Report Cards' for MPs, MLAs, CMs and the PM.

My ParliamentMy Parliament

MY Parliament is a policy awareness initiative which encourages active citizenship and service to the nation. Our goal is to serve as a bridge of ideas between the decision makers of today and the passionate leaders of tomorrow by providing the youth with greater opportunities which would help them make meaningful contribution to the process of nation building.

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