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School Choice Vs present Monopoly System
Global Experiments in School Voucher
Voucher schemes in India
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400 girls from underprivileged community in North East Delhi were awarded vouchers worth upto Rs. 3700 per year
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Joint Initiative of School Choice Campaign and www.schooladmissions.in
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"The government needs to invest the taxpayer’s money wisely. Instead of building more inefficient government schools, it should ease the licences for private education providers so that more schools are allowed to open their doors to eager students. These students should then be given financial support to access these schools so that no child is left out.
-- Anu Aga

"For grades 1-5, I would give vouchers to parents and allow the schools compete for these vouchers. Because of competition, schools will have to hire better teachers, who will have to teach. The leftists and old educationists are horrified at this, but don’t we owe it to ourselves to at least test this idea when all else has failed over the last 50 years?"
-- Gurcharan Das

CONGRATULATIONS! Good to come across your e-newsletter Student First! News, which is another useful aid for the education sector. I liked the selection of articles. Best wishes!  
-- Amir Abidi

Your newsletter, Student First! News has a good compilation of the current issues in education. I find it very informative and useful. Your website is also a good place to explore.
-- Jahnavi Contractor

Dear CCS

This is just to inform you that I have won the fight. On 27 Dec, they checked all the documents and today we will submit the fees.

I am heartily thankful to your Society for all the efforts you guys have done from your front. May God bless all of you and your near and dear ones and may you have a wonderful year ahead! May all your dreams come true! Amen!

Never, never, never give up! Victory is waiting for you. Do your best and leave the rest.

Sai Ram!

Anju Sharma

I had a look at the School Choice Campaign website. I must congratulate you on promoting such a brilliant idea. The school voucher system is a transparent system and should be supported by the Delhi Education Ministry. Surprisingly when I spoke to my mother about it, she hardly knows much about it although she has been teaching Hindi for the past two decades. It should be promoted in all government schools of Delhi through a right medium and must ensure the support of teachers and school authority. This campaign needs media attention and I am sure people will realise the benefits of this system. Kudos to your team for putting the effort behind it! I have signed the petition and I wish the best for its success.
- Rajat Rathi




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School Choice National Conference 2017: Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) in Education
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17 February 2015
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