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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 254) 22 Oct 2013
- Arvind Ilamaran, Associate, Research
Centre for Civil Society
Immeasurability: 25 % reservation under Section 12 of the RTE Act

The Section 12 of Right to Education (RTE) Act provides 25 per cent reservation to children from weaker sections of the society in private schools. The professed dual purpose of this regulation was to increase the institutional capacity to absorb more out-of-school children (provide access to education) and to create a socially inclusive society by facilitating the mixing of kids from all sections of society within the classroom. For the former, there is a lot of support and a lot of opposition. Given that there is a lot of literature, both academic and non-academic, in the public discourse on the need to increase the institutional capacity I will focus on the latter purpose i.e. –facilitating social inclusion.

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The For-Profit Post Secondary School Sector: Nimble Critters or Agile Predators?
Authors: David J. Deming, Claudia Goldin, Lawrence F. Katz
National Bureau of Economics Research

Abstract: For-profits educate a larger fraction of minority, disadvantaged, and older students, and they have greater success at retaining students in their first year and getting them to complete short programs at the certificate and associate degree levels. But we also find that for-profit students end up with higher unemployment and “idleness” rates and lower earnings six years after entering programs than do comparable students from other schools, and that they have far greater student debt burdens and default rates on their student loans.

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Education News

HC stays closure of 1,372 unrecognized private schools in Haryana
- The Times of India, 04 Oct 2013
The future of thousands of students would be in jeopardy if their schools were closed in the mid-academic session, the petitioners had pleaded.

Science-n-Sanskrit leaves teachers and students gawping
- Bangalore Mirror, 21 Oct 2013
The ninth standard Science textbook for 2013 is an unabashed cocktail of Sanskrit passages, bloopers and mythology.

CAG/RBI should audit educational loans interest subsidy
- IANS, 20 Oct 2013
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should audit the manner in which the banks operate the interest subsidy scheme for their education loans, says K.Srinivasan, convenor of Eduation Loan Task Force.

Does our socialist economy really care about education?
- DNA, 16 Oct 2013
If you approached any private bank for an education loan, the interest rate it will charge you is 13.12 per cent. Even after the sharpest decline amongst all sectors, the lending rates for education were only second to credit card interest rates.

The Great Indian Education Jugaad
- DNA, 18 Oct 2013
Over the coming years we will either reap the promised demographic dividend with lakhs of youngsters entering the working population  or a demographic disaster of lakhs of ill-educated, unemployed youth.

Which of the two is a better medium of instruction for improved learning outcomes for children in primary schools?

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Gender Parity Index in enrolment at Secondary Level is 0.87 compared to 0.83 at Higher Secondary Level.


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