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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 255) 29 Oct 2013
- Abhishek Bhattacharya, Associate, Advocacy
Centre for Civil Society
Pakistan passes RTE Bill –does a piecemeal job copy-pasting bad legislation from its neighbour

On Nov 12, 2012, Pakistan’s National Assembly passed the historic Right to Free and Compulsory Education Bill, 2012 paving the way to give effect to Article 25A of the Constitution of Pakistan which states, ”The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law.” The bill was introduced in the Senate by Yasmeen Rehman as a private member’s bill. In comparison to India where Education is under the Concurrent List indicating concurrent responsibility and powers to enact legislations, Pakistan has totally devolved Education to the Provinces. Therefore, each province has to promulgate such a legislation to give effect to the 18th amendment. Consequently, the RTE Act in Indiaextends to the whole of India except J&K which has a special status where education comes under the State List. However, the slated education law in Pakistan extends to only Islamabad Capital Territory (one of the two territories controlled by the Federal Govt.) and would be applicable to all schools run by the Federal and Local Govt.

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The Effects of School Vouchers on College Enrolment: Experimental Evidence from New York City
Authors: Matthew M. Chingos and Paul E. Peterson,
The Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings
Harvard’s Program on Education Policy and Governance

Abstract: The study of New York City students shows that use of vouchers closed the gap between Hispanic and African-American students who enrolled full-time in a four-year college. The numbers suggest that Hispanic students attended better-quality public schools than African-American students, making the impact of vouchers on African-American students that much larger.

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Education News

Right to education engulfed in dilemma of no detention
- The Indian Express, 28 Oct 2013
Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) has decided to review the no-detention policy up to Class VIII, a decision taken at the instance of then HRD minister Kapil Sibal four years ago.

Impact of ‘revolutionary’ edu scheme in another 10 yrs: FM
- The Financial Express, 28 Oct 2013
The Finance Minister pointed out that backwardness in education was the reason for many states not being developed, despite having natural wealth and industries.

Education must not be a profit-making venture: Minister
- The New Indian Express, 27 Oct 2013
Education must not be a profit-making venture. Only costs can be recovered.

Why poor parents increasingly send their children to private schools
- The Economist, 26 Oct, 2013
Although South Africa is a middle-income country, its education system is anything but middling. The Swiss-based World Economic Forum ranks it 146th out of 148 countries—and last in mathematics and science.

Do natural teachers need qualifications?
- The Telegraph, 25 Oct, 2013
Nick Clegg’s plan for free schools to employ only trained staff is misguided.

Is the no-detention policy under RTE making students lackadaisical and teachers ‘non-serious’?

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What You Should Know About School Choice?What You Should Know About School Choice?
Prof. Angela Dills argues that there are four things that you should know about school choice before dismissing it as a viable improvement to our education system. Watch the video.


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