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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 256) 05 Nov 2013
- Rahul Singh, Associate, Research
Centre for Civil Society
The Printing Press Moment of our Century:

Just a few centuries ago, books, a common entity today, were an extreme rarity. Only the rich elite could afford to own them. In fact some accounts mention their prices being comparable to the prices of houses today. Let's just ask ourselves, what made them so expensive in those times while today we all enjoy them for the prices of fruits and vegetables.

Since at that time the books were only written by hand, one page at a time, it was an excruciatingly slow and painful process to develop even one book. But then something happened, that suddenly made these books affordable to all, things that could be owned by everyone–the invention of printing press. It delinked the direct proportionality between manual input of labor and production. The books no longer required days of work; they could be produced in bulk, several at a time and their costs came down drastically.

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Improving Learning in Primary Schools of Developing Countries: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Experiments
Authors: McEwan, Patrick J
Wellesley College, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Overview: This paper shares the findings of a meta-analysis of 76 randomized experiments administered in developing countries over the last 40 years. In total, this included the effects of 110 different school interventions - including instructional materials, computers or technology, financial incentives, teacher training, and school meals - on language and mathematics scores in primary school students.

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Education News

West Bengal forms Education Commission to improve state education sector
- Digital Learning, 31 Oct 2013
This commission is formed keeping Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee’s “vision 2020 and 2030” education road map to “take the state towards education glory”.

Schools to record attendance via SMS
- The Times of India, 01 Nov 2013
Of the 1.3 lakh primary schools in the state, only 10,000 had adopted the system since June. Primary schools were asked to register daily attendance of students and teachers online through a special software.

With 811 colleges, Pune University second largest in country
- The Economic Times, 05 Nov 2013
Pune University was established 65 years ago to reach out to students spread across 12 districts of western Maharashtra, but its jurisdiction was redrawn later when universities came up in Kolhapur and Sholapur.

Education needs a compromise
- Business Day, 05 Nov 2013
South Africa has already lost a generation to outcomes-based education. The current cohort need not be lost, but will be if teacher unions and the department do not find a workable compromise.

NIT to offer free coaching to less-privileged students
- The Times of India, 05 Nov 2013
"This will give them an opportunity to study in institutes of repute such as NIT," said NIT director Ram Babu Kodali on Thursday on the objective of the educational scheme commencing November 1.

Is the midday meal scheme a useful tool for enhancing student retention and improving learning outcomes?

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The Highest number of Secondary Schools, 1,545 is in Jaipur district and lowest, 2 is in Arunachal Pradesh.


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