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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 264) 31 Dec 2013
- Mehek Rastogi
Campaign Associate, NISA
Budget Private Schools (BPS) and the need today

In his recent paper, Prof Karthik Muralidharan compared private and public schools to clearly showcase the impact of school choice on learning outcomes. The research evaluated budget private schools (BPS) and public schools in Andhra Pradesh using the voucher model to assess the impact for school choice. Results showed that between BPS and public schools there was no significant difference in learning outcomes. Yet, the paper also shows that the budget private schools achieve the same learning outcome as the public schools, at nearly one-third the cost. The crucial finding – that there is a marginal difference in learning outcomes between public and private schools – becomes important in the context of the larger debate of public versus private schooling. While BPS can be lauded for being cost-effective, there is a dire need for commitment from these schools to raise the average learning outcome and this endeavour would need support from every sector including many of the NGOs and foundations working in education.

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Parental Valuation of Charter Schools and Student Performance
Author: James VanderHoff
Cato Journal

Brief: Students enrolled in charter schools increased by 81 percent from 2002 to 2007, and the number of charter schools increased by 52 percent. Nevertheless, many studies indicate students in charter schools do not score as highly on standard tests as students in traditional public schools. Do parents choose academically inferior schools for their children because other factors are more important?

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Education News

Sex education in school spoils minds of children: Andhra HC judge
- Hindustan Times, 29 Dec 2013
TV, cinema, internet and mobile phones are proving to be a distraction and also adversely affecting the behaviour of children, Rao said.

Education firms learn a few lessons
- Business Standard, 23 Dec 2013
Slowdown, over-ambition and poor business models bring the once high-flying firms down to earth

Give autonomy to Raise edu Quality
- The New Indian Express, 30 Dec 2013
Quality education must be the goal for both the State and Centre, VIT University chancellor G Viswanathan added.

Delhi nursery admissions: New rules leave private schools fuming
- First Post (New Delhi), 23 Dec 2013
One of the key points that the private schools are upset about is the 70 percent weightage that will be given to the neighbourhood factor while selecting students.

Public schools in India only for rich kids
- The Times of India, 29 Dec 2013
The rich and poor divide is very deep rooted in our contemporary education system. Schooling in the West is completely public, whereas in India, only rich kids have access to public schools.

"Public schools in India are only for the rich and a large population of children are aloof of the quality education". Agree?

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What can Pakistan learn from Indian education system? (Sochta Pakistan, 20 Jan 2012)What can Pakistan learn from Indian education system? (Sochta Pakistan, 20 Jan 2012)
Moeed Pirzada discusses with Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Dr. Javed Laghari, Dr. Bijay Singh and Dr. Satyamurti that what can Pakistan learn from Indian education system. Watch this video here.


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