Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 243)

06 Aug 2013
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The $4 Million Teacher
Wall Street Jourmal, 03 Aug 2013

Kim Ki-hoon earns $4 million a year in South Korea, where he is known as a rock-star teacher—a combination of words not typically heard in the rest of the world. Mr. Kim has been teaching for over 20 years, all of them in the country’s private, after-school tutoring academies, known as hagwons. Unlike most teachers across the globe, he is paid according to the demand for his skills—and he is in high demand.

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No final date for quota admissions
The Times of India, 01 Aug 2013

Confusion surrounding admissions to schools under the reservation quota as prescribed by the Right to Education Act is far from over. To end the confusion, the education department finally released a notice on July 30, making it clear that there is no deadline for admissions to the RTE reserved category seats and that schools can’t convert these seats into open category seats.

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Admission forms a difficult task for FYJC students
DNA, 24 Jul 2013

Worried parents complained, “The process is tough for 15-year-olds. Why can’t it be made simpler?” A few said, “We were not guided by schools, rather asked to fill forms at home by reading the booklet.”

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Should University Systems Be Graded, Too?
The New York Times, 21 Jul 2013

Depending on whom you ask, a proposed new international testing system will either be the next big thing in higher education or a pointless, expensive rankings exercise that will be used to criticize faculty at hard-pressed colleges and universities.

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Analysis of Private University Laws & Recommendations for Policy
Indian Education Review

Establishment of Private Universities has been a major milestone in the field of higher education in India. Private Universities is a new concept where self financed private universities can be established by private players without financial assistance from the State. A number of private universities have been established in various States as also Central Govt of India has granted Deemed University status to a number of educational institutions.

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India wins five medals at 54th International Mathematics Olympiad
The Times of India, 02 Aug 2013

“Sangik Saha from Kolkata and Shubham Sinha from New Delhi clinched the silvers while Pallav Goyal from Bhilai, Pranab Nuti from Hyderabad and Anish Prasad Sevekari from Pune bagged the bronzes,” it said.

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Quality education: CAG concern over absence of perspective plan
Economics Times, 05 Aug 2013

CAG has expressed concern over absence of a perspective plan as envisaged in the 11th Five Year plan (2007-12) to formulate long-term strategies to deliver quality education in the Puducherry.

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Teachers to meet education secretary
The Times of India, 31 Jul 2013

A seven-member delegation of teachers under the banner of Government Teachers  Union would meet UT finance-cum-education secretary V K Singh on Tuesday, asking him to take a considerate view on the 100 teachers served a show-cause notice by the UT education department for not attending the faculty development programme on July 20.

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Is it necessary for the children to go for tutions?

In my opinion tution is not necessary if the teacher at school is doing her job well, and also if there is somebody at home who is comfortableto fill in the blanks at times necessary.The common thing that i have noticed today is a queue at all the tution centers.No wonder some of the tution centers are becoming schools from where you can appeal for your exams too......If you need tutions,you have to apply in the prescibed forms given by the centerand pay the fees for the whole year in advance.All children are not the same in terms of their learning capabilities.Childrenwho come from the rich family can afford to take tution due to their familyeconomical status.For poor family, they have to rely on the self help groupsto enable them to have tution.Actually tution is not necessary because teachingin school is more than sufficient and tution creates unnecessary workloadfor the children who are already bogged down by school work.For example, one parent sends his/her child for tution the others will imitatewhich is incorrect.If lectures are taken well in class there is just no need for tutions. So, instead of going for tutions children can revise at home. Click here to read more.

Does Indian private institutes provide good quality education?

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RTE Coalition
To initiate and continue the discussion amongst concerned groups and individuals on the issue of right of education and monitor the implementation
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Skill Vouchers - Global Experiences and Lessons for India
Leah Verghese and Parth J Shah)
A study of the role that skill vouchers can play in catalysing demand for quality skill development services. This study examines global experiences with skill vouchers and draws lessons for India from these experiences.

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Reservation in Private Schools under the Right to Education Act: Model for Implementation
Shekhar Mittal and Parth J Shah)
A comprehensive analysis on reservation in private schools under the Right to Education Act, providing a seven-step model for 25% implementation.

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