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Weekly Update on Education (Issue No 262) 17 Dec 2013
- Subhalakshmi Duraiswamy
Associate Director, Livelihoods & Skills
Centre for Civil Society
The case for robust low-cost Education Systems in India

The numbers are everywhere – journal articles on education, seminar presentations on livelihoods, books on economic development and commentaries on social development. They all talk about the 400 million children in India who will be ready to enter school or college in the next decade, the million Indians who are expected to enter the workforce every month, the huge success in enrolling them and the frustrating failures in educating them and lost cause of making them employable. They also talk about the booming demand for education services and quality in education; the Indian Human Development Survey (2005) reported that about 50% of urban and 20% of rural children were enrolled in private unaided schools; India Ratings expects the education sector in India to grow to USD 110 billion by 2015 and estimated that we grew by 16% last year – that’s more than twice the GDP growth rate and almost as good or better than the rate at which the Retail, Auto, IT and Telecom sectors grew.

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Prestige Matters: Value of Connections Formed in Elite Colleges
Author: Sheetal Sekhri
International Growth Centre

Abstract: This paper provides evidence that graduates of elite public institutions in India have an earnings advantage in the labor-market even though attending these colleges has no discernible effect on learning outcomes. Data do not bear out the predictions of signalling or networking theories of human capital. Using original survey data, I find that college networks do not facilitate job search. Also, the wage-premium does not dissipate with experience. However, the number of college friends in the same industry does explain the wage premium. These results support the hypothesis that the labor market rewards the connections students’ form at elite colleges.

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Education News

Education policy review likely post-division
- The Hindu, 15 Dec 2013
With bifurcation of the State looming large, the A.P. State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) is seriously considering going in for a redesign of its policy, so that both regions benefit equally.

Education Development Index (EDI) 2012-2013 released by NEUPA
- Jagran Josh, 09 Dec 2013
Composite EDI score is prepared by the NEUPA taking into account both the performances in primary and upper primary levels.

Education department to enquire into school transfer certificate with ‘criminal’ remark
- The Times of India, 13 Dec 2013
What is shocking was that in the remarks section, the school wrote "he is involved in criminal activities".

Education in Vietnam Very good on paper
- The Economist, 13 Dec 2013
Vietnam recently joined the test for the first time, and it scored remarkably well—higher in maths than America and Britain, though not as high as Shanghai or Singapore. Nguyen Vinh Hien, a deputy minister for education, characterised Vietnam's overall 17th-place ranking out of 65 countries and economies as a pleasant “surprise.”

39 Central varsities set to lose autonomy if HRD ministry panel has its way
- The Times of India, 14 Dec 2013
Though Pathan committee has said visions of luminaries like Madan Mohan Malaviya (BHU), Rabindranath Tagore (Shantiniketan), Jawaharlal Nehru (JNU), Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (AMU) and B R Ambedkar (Ambedkar University) will be retained, the recommendations are going to cause furore in some of these old institutions.

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